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I recently attended a workshop at the Microsoft NERD Center. This, by itself, is not notable. In fact, it might be an understatement to say that Kendall Press spends a fair amount of time over at the NERD, Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center. Not only does the facility host countless events throughout the year, they are also located right across the street from us and are a consistently great neighbor to our community.

What was notable about this particular workshop was that it was being facilitated by Kendall Press’ own Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Spiro. In partnership with HandsOn Tech Boston, this free workshop covered photography and visual imagery strategies for nonprofits in the Greater Boston area.

While the presentation focused on using imagery to add value specifically to nonprofit fundraising and marketing campaigns, I think that much of the information shared is applicable to any organization, including small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. That’s why today, I’m going to share some key takeaways from this workshop that are worth considering for your business, regardless of your nonprofit or for-profit status.

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