KSA Third Thursday at The American Red Cross

The Kendall Square Association’s Third Thursdays were designed to show off the incredible range of companies and places we have right here in Kendall Square. This January event was particularly special as we kicked off the Association’s third year of 3rd Thursday networking events with a big gathering at The American Red Cross, Eastern Massachusetts Region Headquarters.   They’ve been here on Main Street for more than five years but most of us only recognize them by the blood drives and the TV news spots where we briefly see Red Cross signs at a large scale tragedy where people are often shown displaced from their homes by fire or storm.
In fact, a learning experience over at HubSpot created the opportunity for those two organizations to work closely together for fundraising and awareness in 2012 and so they co-sponsored our event.

Three Key Ways To Vote for Results

With the 2012 election season finally at a close, here are three Key Ways to vote with your time and passion – rhetoric not required;

1. Real Time Web – use it, it works. The speed of information movement confounds the old school and citizens of the real time web are able to marshal their forces and get the word out quickly.

2. Community – build your own – we all need it. We are only as strong as the community we participate in and those we surround ourselves with.

3. Engage on the Human Level. My favorite. Chris Brogan always speaks of Human Works, and the human aspect of interaction. People working with people, get things done.

If you don’t like the election results, you can buy and play POLITOCRACY the game. Use it in the classroom and test alternate theories, the old fashioned way, with a board game containing hand moved pieces and crooked dice. Full Disclosure -We manufacture the boards and cards right here in Kendall Square for this game startup company and have given marketing advice with compensation.

If you haven’t helped someone else lately and put their needs first- start doing so. Not only is the season of giving upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, but also, natural disasters like storm flooding in NYC are still disrupting life for millions along the Eastern Seaboard.

Audrey Markoff, Aimee Sprung, Walter Somol, Kayt Racz & Sara Spaulding

Here’s a real life local example of community that blossomed in the forty eight hours before the election with far reaching immediate and positive impact. On Sunday, Jacqueline Carly said to Chris Brogan that they needed to do something to help those still suffering from storm damage in NYC.

Chris Brogan (L) and Jacq Carly (R)

A blog post by Chris and real time response by an online community of friends through Google Plus, Twitter and emails found its way rapidly around the Kendall Square community. Microsoft New England  truly runs a world class operation in Cambridge and they opened their doors and provided staff from The Site Team to collect goods between 3pm and 4:30pm Monday at the NERD center.

Real time web plus a community of friends brought immediate focus to the request and resulted in several truckloads and carloads of food, clothing, cleaning supplies, flashlights and other necessities with chief idea generator and strategist Jacqueline Carly departing for and arriving in NYC before Noon yesterday. She, to Queens and another helper to the South New Jersey Shore with a moving van filled with goods dispatched today. The most frequently heard comment – “Jacq thank you for putting this together. Thanks for letting us help.”

We responded to the individual call for help by grabbing a carton of paper towels and dozens of hand sanitizers and delivering them to the NERD center while linking in our Boston Internet Marketing Meetup via a Google Live Hangout. 

We were able to show, in real time, the positive results of Jacq’s plea for help and we simultaneously spread the word to our 750 members by email and broadcasting live using just my laptop and a wireless internet graciously provided by @MSnewEngland. The cumulative effect of each community within a greater community resulted in a tremendous outpouring of relief items gathered, packed and driven to NYC in less than 48 hours from the inception of Jacqueline’s idea. NO GOVERNMENT ENTITY is likely to move like this – regardless of whether they use paper or digital methods.

Why?  paperNpixel (TM) + bureaucracy = far slower responses.

Yesterday a whole bunch of people came together to help Jacqueline Carly make one heartfelt impact in just two days. And at 11am Tues we could see her results which she shared with all of us via instagram.

The message of Real Time Web is we vote everyday with our time and passion.


Trick or Treat; 100th vs. 100 Grand ?

Happy Halloween. One Hundred is such a special number. One Hundred Thousand is 1,000 times more special. This blog post is our 100th posting and a good milestone considering that we have only posted one or two blog posts a month. And yet, so much more important than what we’ve written, is what we have done for our customers. Perhaps it is no coincidence that our 100th post occurred at almost the same time as our real achievement, delivering on the needs of our 100,000th job request.

The world of print has changed a lot just since this blog started in January of 2008. The principles of customer satisfaction and loyalty have changed – not much at all. Our guiding principle has always been: Focus on the customer, listen to their requirements, anticipate their needs and deliver timely, accurate, and consistent results, when and where they are needed.

In 1984, when Kendall Press started, print meant copiers, printers and offset presses for the really high quality work. Digital presses were just coming into their own but most clients differentiated just between copy work and print work.

Today, what was once just a print shop is now also a Business Communications Company. Kendall Press, the print shop, has evolved to meet its client requirements for better, faster, more effective business communications and hence, Kendall PRess began an evolutionary course in this revolutionary world of communications. Interruptions, sales calls, annoying display adds all diminish one’s online experience. There are old style PR and AD shops filled with “marketing experts” who know how to push information out at “target” prospects. Uggh. We subscribe to David Meerman Scott’s writings about Marketing Leadership Strategies in this real time world of web communications.

We agree that real time web is a more important term to reckon with than ‘social media.’ There are many social media tools but as they evolve, there will still be one core basis for real time responsiveness from business, to business people. David Meerman Scott said it best, “social media are tools, real time is a mind set.” We strive to adopt that mind set in everything we do for our clients.

We believe strongly in the importance of Inbound Marketing principles and are ever ready to help our clients switch from Outbound (push) to Inbound strategies for being found by their customers at just the right time. Real Time web changes everything. Kendall Press combines a strategy of paperNpixels TM to help our clients reach their best levels of performance. Why take a chance on Trick or Treat? Call us and let us help you navigate the world of getting your message to the right people, in the right place at just the time they need to know about you.

100,000 client jobs
we help
our clients
quest for success.

We look forward to tackling our next 100 Grand.

The collaborative team at Kendall PRess

Windows 8 Launch at NERD and Kendall Press was There

MSFT NERD center launch photos by keith spiro

NERD center MSFT Windows 8 College Launch Party – Images by Keith Spiro

So with all our blogging about the happenings in Kendall Square, we snagged an invite to the Windows 8 Launch Party for college students held Friday at The NERD Center. 888 registered guests and The Spiro Boys courtesy of Kendall Press were there taking in all of the action as well as a few cool snaps.

There were raffle giveaways every thirty minutes. Xbox games, lots of Kinect action on the dance floor; product demos garnered gifts for the brave who presented features after only seeing/touching and playing with a Microsoft Surface for about ten minutes.

The windows 8 interface looked optimized for tablets and great for real time communications and book/video reading while traveling. To me, this represented the closest to a paperNpixels touch for magazines that I can now read online, while commuting (on public transit). Ezine’s galore looked easy enough on the new Surface device. Did I say? The launch coincided with the launch of Microsoft Surface – More on that tool at a later time.

Education Evangelist, Edwin Guarin @edvangelist was our host showing off the full power of the New England Research and DevelopmentCenter (NERD) and engaging the large crowd in a ton of activities.  We learned that Microsoft has a whole community section of their website and business focused on students and Edwin is certainly their contact for free, legal software and excitement over Microsoft products and jump starting their transition from student to business person.

Northeastern University was very well represented in attendees. Must be the business and innovation students and not just programmers looking for networking and foodie opportunities. We heard a lot of shout outs from Boston University, Boston College, MIT, Harvard, Wentworth Institute of Technology and U Mass, Boston. The odds were good for raffle winners as we heard Olin School of Engineering and the one lady from Simmonscalled out, but claimants had to be there at the time of the drawing in order to win.

1. Microsoft has a big stake in regaining its edge in the tablet world. We wouldn’t count them out after what we saw
2. Consumers need to evaluate business communication requirements when deciding between small smart phones and larger tablets and what appears to be an interesting hybrid in the Surface with its physical plug ins and optional keyboard
3. With students as early adopters, bringing new skills to the workplace, established businesses can leap frog their competition when they best understand how to reach a wider range of audience for their goods and services.

Keith for the team at Kendall Press

Kendall Square Eat Up

day in photos KeithSpiroPhoto
all photos in this blogpost ©KeithSpiroPhoto 
The Kendall Square Association just presented The KendallSquare Eat Up – a tasty variation on local MEETUp events. And, as a Business Communications company, Kendall PRess has been fortunate to have provided sponsorships to both the  Kendall Square Eat Up and the Boston Internet Marketing Meet Up.
Kendall PRess Keith name badge
Why’d we do it? Well, the Meetup sponsorship is easy. We are all about learning new things and teaching what we’ve been educated to in the ways of internet Marketing.
Why the Eat Up? Well, ‘er, let’s see…There’s the food; the beverages.  We got to try out a whole lot of new restaurants at once. There were lots of good samplings from more than a dozen restaurants that have popped up in our neighborhood in just the last year.
 For one night only, they were all in one place, all under one roof. And while it’s best not to compete with restaurant reviewers –I’m just saying –there was enough food around to eat your favorites in a quantity to satisfy and yet the individual portions were small enough that we could be adventurous on new and exotic dishes.
Capturing the visual imagery of the evening, I went over to Kika and the chef hosts could only say CHEESE – no literally. Their entire setup was filled with exotic cheeses from around the world. Hot, numb your tongue, aged and delicious.
All 400 tickets were sold and the atrium setting was ideal on our now cold autumn evenings. But,
those who signed up for VIP treatment got to hang out with their private chef’s & beer and wine sommeliers from Catalyst restaurant, Area Four, Cambridge Brewing Company, Rapscallion and Harpoon in these classy digs:
posters printed by kendall press
Server from Catalyst intent on his work

posters printed by kendall press

Talk about cloud computing…the rest of the cloud descended in an orderly fashion and picked the tables clean.

At our monthly Meetups- we always try to provide a few constants:
>Time for networking  
>  Something or someplace to eat and drink  
One good takeaway that you can implement immediately for your business
   Best visual takeaway from the EatUp was Cambridge’s own home grown Science Festival – experiment with musical fruit
Our sense of this special Eat Up was no different than that of our regular meetups..
1>  There was lots of good networking time. Business cards got exchanged over cups of chowder and under banners and posters
2> Copious amounts of food and beverage were everywhere. And there were fish bowls collecting paperNpixels (business cards & email addresses) at many tables. We came away with coupons for free panini’s and 10% meal discounts. All in all a great evening.
Here are some more good takeaways:
  most creative display:
water bottles spelling out Eat Up
best accent:
yes, that would be the rich Irish brogue from the guys at Tommy Doyle’s

calmest looking scene:

And, a special shout out to the
team at fuji, who, knowing my love of Sushi,
sent their people out with a smile and kept my plate full all evening long. Thank you.

photo of fuji at kendall sign photo by keith spiro
fuji at kendall

And lastly, who would have even heard of this event without help from this whole group of fine sponsors:

 this Kendall PRess blogpost and day in photos  ©KeithSpiroPhoto  & sponsored by Kendall PRess

Kendall Square Welcomes MSFT Technology Center

The most dense mile of innovation and entrepreneurship in the universe just added another 300+ citizens.  Kendall Square just saw Governor Deval Patrick attend the opening of a new state-of-the -art Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) as part of the expansion of their New England campus right here in Kendall Square. This is one of only ten MTC’s in the USA and one of 22 total worldwide.

Mayor Davis, Governor Patrick, Craig Hodges at the podium

The open house event featured Governor Deval Patrick, Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis and city Manager Bob Healy all being hosted by Microsoft Northeast General Manger Craig Hodges and Kirsten Kliphouse, VP of US Enterprise and Partner Group.

cambridge city manager bob healy & Kelly Thompson Clark Exec Dir Chamber of Commerce at the event
Bob Healy Kelly Thompson Clark

As city manager since 1981, Bob Healy,  has surely seen a lot of change here in the Square but the mayor and governor both spoke eloquently about the old canals and manufacturing that is no more.  Candy and twine manufacturing has been replaced by the NERD Center and a whole lot of giving back to the Cambridge Business and startup communities.  Kelly Thompson Clark, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce has been driving city wide collaboration and networking for years. I’m sure she appreciates the helping hands.  Microsoft’s campus is state of the art and allows industry leaders and technology experts to work together to envision, create and demonstrate customized solutions based on Microsoft and partner technologies of which there are more than 3,000.

Governor Patrick getting Adult Education and executive education overview
Craig Hodges and Governor Patrick

Craig Hodges said “Microsoft New England is now together in the heart of the most engaged tech and academic communities in the world.”  Education at every level from grade school to high school to Adult Education and Executive education.

Govenor Deval Patrick at Microsoft Kendall Square paperNpixels
so this is where paperNpixels come together.

Education, collaboration and business all go well together – just like paperNpixels – as you can see from this image above of new collaboration technology. The printed ID card can be read electronically and release information to appropriate collaborators – here medical specialists.

Governor Patrick and Edwin Gaurin Microsoft Academic Evangelist
Edwin Guarin’s team presents to Governor Patrick

For me, The most exciting part of the tour was meeting with Edwin Guarin, Microsoft’s Senior Academic Developer Evangelist and seeing presentations of the projects his PhD, grad and undergrad assistants/students/intern collaborators from Harvard and MIT were working on. This guy represents the future of learning and I was enthralled by the many activities and explorations going on under his watch. Academic Development is an area we’ll keep a focus on! Love the title Academic Evangelist.

A product called Kinect has potential of aiding ALS patients though we mostly saw a demonstration of color, sound and text integrating through movement. Those of us with more years are acutely aware of the medical achievements products like Kinect and HealthVault are capable of delivering for the common good.

Welcome to Kendall Square all 300+  new to us Microsoft people. There is lots to do and many folks to meet around here. Bring your business cards.


Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis asks…..

How do you take your Cambridge Tap?

Leon Korzec cycling all the way from  Milwaukee
Wisconsin stopped off  for a taste test

Today is National Park(ing) Day where many parking spots around the world are “taken over” for the day and converted into a people’s park. Rest and Respite. Here in Cambridge, with the Mayor’s blessing, some 18 parking spots were converted to parks for the day. Some for fun, some to relax in or educate. The Mayor herself jumped into the day with a full blown drinking establishment where she was serving up some of the finest water in the country. Cambridge Tap water.

And she created the recipes herself with infusions of :
Strawberry (the most popular request)
A twist of Lemon
and her own unique infusion of fresh cut cucumber (a surprisingly smooth sensation)

Cambridge is trying to reduce the widespread use of disposable bottled water packs with its alarmingly large quantity of waste some of which makes it into the recycling stream and some of it does not. Mayor Henrietta Davis is out to remind folks that Cambridge Tap, is freely available, safe and delicious and one could carry a reusable water bottle like the many cyclists that stopped by this morning.

Toast of the city

Here she is serving up some fresh H2O to Claude-Alix Jacob, MHP Cambridge’s Chief Public Health Officer who gave it a seal of approval along with David Loutzenheiser a transportation planner for Bicycle and Pedestrian programs for Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Did you know that Cambridge is considered America’s most walkable citiy?

So we tasted tap water, printed stickers that were finalized just hours before the start and used real time web and social media to share the day with the community combining a fast turnaround of both paperNpixels (TM) for the City of Cambridge, MA!

Keith for the team at Kendall Press

all photos (c)KeithSpiroPhoto

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Four Business Takeaways from our recent Political Conventions

This is about Marketing Not Politics.

The other evening I spent a couple of hours at campaign headquarters working the phone banks for my candidate of choice.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this and it was interesting to see how technology has impacted the whole dialing for votes process. Key in a password, record a message for answering machines, hit auto dial and up pops my first call.
Three questions; what issue is most important to you? (push multiple choice button to tally answer), who will you vote for? if it’s my candidate, will you volunteer time send money and display a banner? Results were all nicely tallied automatically. Wins, losses, refusniks, and wrong numbers. No wasted hand motions. A robo call could have done the same thing. No need to think.
Robo call meet virtual press agent
Except, well, what button do I use for the angry citizen who thinks politicians are all self-serving, or the person on the line who is actually voting for the other party and has a lot to share. How about the undecided one who is stuck on healthcare as the overriding issue of their day and we spend a few precious minutes commiserating about Medicare and Medicaid issues for our aging parents. I jotted down notes on my conveniently placed notepad for items the computer can’t handle. (Those happy paperNpixel moments). I got a thank you for being honest and my candidate got some extra points for being human. And isn’t that what elections are really all about?
Last night was Bill Clinton (graph of topics) and Elizabeth Warren night, today is Massachusetts primary day. Next Tuesday is New Hampshire’s primary with the national election coming up on November 6th.  Pick your favorites. Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren; President Obama or Mr. Romney. The prognosticators are busy running their numbers and their theories.
Back in history we had the book, “The Making of the President.”  Is it any different in today’s paperNpixel world when we have statistical tools and social media tools to measure Political Sentiment? Hint: Twitter says both presidential candidates are receiving more negative than positive tweets. Perhaps the wives are more popular or even more electable.
But this is not a political blog, this conversation is about marketing.
Did you see Governor Duval Patrick speaking and working as commentator?
I heard him say “invest in innovation and clean energy” (two areas where Massachusetts excels). He spoke of the focus on Massachusetts because Romney held his only public office here. But, watch our governor. He is a great example of branding and marketing at work. Which state do you think is getting lots of exposure associated with Keywords such as leadership in business innovation, clean energy, and healthcare? Did you know that last month Twitter launched an index to measure enthusiasm for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the time leading up to the November US Presidential election?
David Meerman Scott, a brand journalist’s best friend, described the Twitter Political Indexas “a daily measurement  with an estimated two million Twitter mentions of the candidates in a given week relative to more than 400 million tweets sent about other topics each day.” He speaks of it as a great example of crowdsourcing.
We now have the tools to measure direction and momentum in real time. Smart money is deploying these tools. So, here are my four business takeaways from the political arena:
  • There are many tools now available to you to measure interest, sentiment, focus and activity. We ourselves use YELP, blogposts, Twitter, Facebook, Jungle Torch and a host of Google analytic tools to inform our business decisions on a daily basis.
  • You need to brand yourself as well as your organization so people who want what you represent can easily find you. 
  • Sophisticated tools don’t get the same results as actually reaching out, live, and engaging in one to one conversation. Nuance wins in both politics and business.
  •  Rhetoric is just that. People demand transparency and authenticity. It is far easier to deliver on these in business than in politics, but in the end, we are all really defined by what we do, rather than what we say.

After election day, our members of congress will have more day to day impact on our lives than the president. But, regardless of who wins temporary possession of the White House in this scrimmage, we will all still need to be responsive to our clients’ needs if we are to continue to be successful in business.

That’s a whole other topic.

Leaf Your Life; Paperless Receipts

We’re pretty excited this morning to be able to announce that you can now request paperless receipts  from us. You’ll hear none of that malarkey about “save a tree by not using paper.”Real Business just doesn’t work that way. If you don’t use paper, you won’t have forests. Simple as that; Keynesian economics.

So, you might ask, why is Kendall PRess now offering paperless receipts?
The answer is simple and consistent with our mission of providing the best solutions to our clients to help them be the best, communicate well and have accurate and timely information at their fingertips or at their client’s disposal.

LEAF is a good business decision for us:
We support local entrepreneurs
We are cheerleaders and advocates for good business
and we believe businesses need point of smart; not just point of sale anymore.

We believe in the power of digital word of mouth; real time web and less clutter.
Paper communications work great in many instances. Receipt clutter is not one of them.
Kendall PRess is Business Communications with paperNpixels. Both; not just one or the other.

Imagine having a digital file for your bills and paid receipts. We can. So ask for a paperless receipt next time your here – and do give us your feedback.
for the team at Kendall PRess

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If you build it, they will find you

Remember that line from Field of Dreams?  
If you build it, he will come

Well, yesterday we started to redesign our customer print order pick up  space. We eliminated the clutter, removed the boxes strewn everywhere and created multiple workspaces.  
  • First, we carved out space for our team and clients to be able to spread out and review key documents; one person or a team of eleven.
  • Next we stet up our first space for the Kendall PRess College learning center; take a look at the sign at the top of the photo- it’s now part of the room’s name
  • Last for the day, we set up a mock up of a trade show booth space since many of our clients participate as vendors in trade shows and executive education programs.

We were proud to have completed an in-house classroom to support lifelong learning. To stay competitive and keep up with changes in our business and social communications world, we will all have to become life long learners!

As our journey of transition from just a print shop to a team of Business Communications experts continues, we have been asked by several clients to share some of the lessons learned and talk about the process, and discoveries we have made along the way. We have proven that INBOUND marketing really works. We have added project leadership to insure everything we do is focused on client outcomes. 

We listen more and have begun to ask better questions and as a result we  are providing more valuable services that help our customers achieve thir goals. We’ve tested tools from HubSpot, Jungle Torch, Google Analytics, and bit.ly for tracking.

We have learned the business value of Twitter, Linked IN and Yelp. Tomorrow, we will begin the installation of LEAF and test our #paperNpixels ideals with a real product that is just coming out of Beta testing. Yes, we are working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to better understand the changing business and communications environment. We have been  successful in being found by more people when they need us. 

Inbound marketing, a strong web presence and real time web tools that include social media and analytics tracking have propelled our visibility to more people at the right place and at the right time.  We have also tested and discarded a whole lot of other “innovations in progress” along the way.  Some not ready for prime time, some not appropriate for our business plan.

Someone asked why we were building out the space; would people come? We had no sooner  cleared the tables than that team of eleven folks stepped into it and occupied the space putting it to their good use!

Next month, we expect to begin Kendall PRess learning sessions and opportunities. We hope you will consider joining in on the sessions that add value to your business.

We have built it, will You come join us?

you can sign up for more information here: