Smarter Searching – Using Google Operators

Search operators in Google - Google advanced search

The internet has connected us like never before, providing a vast wealth of information at our fingertips that is accessible 24/7. To discover that information, most of us rely on the complex algorithms of search engines to serve up the content we seek, with search results proposed based on matches between our search queries and the structuring of information within a given webpage.

While it’s easy to find answers to our most common and general queries, it can be frustrating when searching for a more specific set of information. With billions of web pages making up the world wide web, countless more being added daily, and an increasing number of content producers competing to get to the top of the search results, advanced search methods are becoming increasingly key to getting better search results.

One of these advanced search methods is the employment of search operators. These are specific terms that can be used to narrow or expand a search. Since Google is the most used search engine, accounting for 67% of all searches, here are five search operators that can help you search smarter and find exactly what you’re looking for with Google.

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The Way We See It


Many stories have been written about George Washington’s bravery, such as when he led American soldiers against the British as they fought for freedom, when he served as the nation’s first president, and even the infamous legend about George chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree.As the cherry tree story goes, George was very proud to have gotten a hatchet as a gift from his parents. Eager to put the hatchet to good use, George had fun cutting anything and everything he could think of, including cutting down his father’s favorite cherry tree. When he realized what he had done, he didn’t try to hide the mistake from his father. Rather, he knew the right thing to do was tell the truth, even though his father could punish him. In the end, his father forgave him and even praised him for being honest.Here’s the way we see it: Sometimes telling the truth is scary. Being honest when you know someone may be hurt or upset is very difficult. But even if you’re afraid, telling the truth is always better. If you’re looking for a printer who is savvy to both print and digital advantages for your total communication needs, give us a call today.

Effective Newsletters

Boston has been a driving force in the US innovation sphere ever since its initial incorporation as a town in 1630. The city lays claim to the first American public park (Boston Common, 1634), chocolate factory (Walter Baker Company, 1765), and publicly supported, free library (Boston Public Library, 1848).

Boston is also the source of America’s first regularly issued newsletter. The Boston News-Letter, which first appeared in 1704, was one of many 18th century newsletters that ultimately grew into what we recognize today as newspapers.
Despite the continued decline of newspaper readership in the US, newsletters still enjoy an important role in communications more than 300 years after their birth, being employed now both digitally and through print.


Newsletters have survived over the years because of their targeted output, which is to say that they exist to distribute specialized information to specific audiences. Whether your company releases a digital newsletter every week, or you’re thinking about creating a monthly printed version for a club you participate in, here are a few key points to keep in mind for distributing a successful and effective newsletter.

Why Twitter Matters – Why We Use Twitter, Part 2

We covered the first three reasons we use Twitter earlier this week, citing the value of virtual communities, the incredible range of users, and the ability to preserve momentum in your conversations. In today’s post, we’re giving you three more reasons why Twitter matters, and why we’ve found it to be a beneficial tool for businesses of all sizes.
Reason #4: It Challenges us to Focus our Message
We’ve mentioned before that we like challenges, and Twitter represents a wonderfully useful challenge. Because of the limited space available in any instance of communication, being capable of condensing your message is incredibly important!

Why twitter matters - A photo from Jeff Pulver's #140 conference
You get 140 Characters…choose wisely.
Twitter challenges us to think hard about what our message is, what we’re trying to communicate, and to expand our vocabulary when we start running out of space. This means that we’re always thinking of new, succinct ways to describe what we do so we can share that information with our audience. We have assisted clients with business communications needs for 28 years. We know that precise messaging is a key component to successful messaging!
Reason #5: It’s a Tool Sharpened for Efficiency
Focusing on our messaging is ultimately how we discovered just how effective and efficient Twitter is as a tool for uncovering and creating unique interactions. By adjusting our messages appropriately, we learned to communicate successfully with as large or as small an audience as we want, when we want.
Naturally, when we first started using Twitter, we found ourselves spending more time working to gain traction than we originally planned. That’s because, like any other tool, using Twitter effectively comes with a learning curve.
Hashtags? @ symbols? These are the basic parts of communicating with other active users, and understanding how to properly implement them will widen your reach, the visibility of your message and the ease with which you can make tangible, worthwhile connections.
Reason #6: We’ve figured out how to make it work for us.
The most important reason why Twitter matters, and why we use it as much as we do, is because we’ve figured out how to make it work for us as a valuable business tool. On a daily basis, we can identify the positive effects using Twitter has had for our company, and point to relationships that have either grown from, or been nurtured by, interacting through this medium.

why twitter matters - A photo from #140edu, Jeff Pulver's education conference
Jeff Pulver and his #140 conferences always help point us in the right direction

As a small business, we understand how important it is to manage your time, and your employees’ time, effectively. With a standard 2,080 working hours available to you in a year, there are always hard decisions to make in determining how to best invest that time.

If you’re having trouble seeing the value or gaining traction with Twitter, or any other new tool, contact us today. We’re here to be of service.

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Why Twitter Matters – Why We Use Twitter

Today, “Social Media” is a broad term for publishing information, exchanging ideas, and the resulting digital interactions that occur across a wide variety of sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter. Each social site represents a different focus, function, and audience, and establishing your company’s presence on any of them takes dedication, consistency, and time. The number of options and potential to become a time sink can be overwhelming, especially for a company operating with limited resources.
We view Social Media as being built on a series of tools that are available for businesses to deploy to their advantage. This week, we’re going to talk about why we’ve chosen to establish our presence on Twitter, and give you 6 reasons why Twitter matters as an effective tool for small businesses.
Reason #1: Virtual Community
Community isn’t limited to your neighborhood anymore! One of the major highlights of Twitter is that it houses so many virtual communities that are populated by users across the globe. Whatever your company does, you can be certain that there is an active and supportive user base that is interested in your work!

New users can appreciate that virtual communities emulate neighborhood communities. Like walking around our own Kendall Square, we love that being on Twitter lets us interact with virtual communities involved in everything from global biopharma to colleges around the country to local causes worthy of attention and support.

Community Art Center - Why twitter matters
Virtual Communities emulate neighborhood communities, only with fewer snacks!


Reason #2: Breadth of Access
Back in March of this year, on the 7thanniversary of its launch, Twitter noted that there are “well over 200 million active users on the platform” posting more than “400 million tweets each day” (emphasis ours)!
With those 200+ million active users comes unprecedented access to decision makers from every company and industry imaginable, from every country you could want to reach, in any language and culture you’re familiar with. Want to reach out to Dallas Mavericks owner and well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban? He’s right here. Looking for insight from Chris Brogan on why being human matters? Find it through here.
We’re always amazed by the versatility and scope of the Twitter platform and our ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Reason #3: Flexible Conversations
You didn’t think we were done talking about the importance of engagement, did you? Like attending an event in-person, the value of Twitter is largely dependent on the quality of your conversations with others!
What we appreciate most about interacting with friends, existing customers, and potential customers on Twitter is the flexibility of each conversation’s timing. When you’re online, you can have real time exchanges, with minimal time between responses. When you aren’t available, the conversation waits for you to continue.
Wondering what our other top 3 reasons are for using Twitter? Check the blog on Thursday, when we’ll touch on time, messaging, and our most important reason for of all!
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RATE Your Business Networking – Part 2

In part one of our primer for Networking, we talked about how to RATE your networking effectiveness by evaluating your Resources and Audience. In this post, we’ll cover two Tools we never leave home without, and how to gauge your level of Engagement.

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RATE Your Business Networking

When we talk about our paperNpixels program, we’re really talking about merging the digital and analog worlds of business. Whether you are a small, medium, or large company, YOU need to because YOUR CUSTOMERS do!
Today, we are going to tackle offline networking, and give you some ideas on how you can RATE your effectiveness by evaluating your Resources, Audiences, Tools, and Engagement.

The Future of Healthcare

A few quick insights can be gained by checking out England’s National Health Service, a publicly funded operation. The British Consulate in Boston hosted a session last week featuring NHS Director Tim Kelsey and the UK Consulate General in Boston Susie Kitchens.

A drawing of letters and teaming up to create words was the opening exercise. Our group had “i LORE”……….which we defined as a chance to tell stories on the internet. Stories being the most simple and basic way to transmit information across generations of community memory.

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Boston’s Bio SuperCluster: The Boston Foundation Report

On March 26, 2013, The Boston Foundation held a major public event to mark the release of their new printed report; Understanding Boston, “Life Sciences Innovation as a Catalyst for Economic Development.” Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was there to make opening remarks as the Commonwealth reached the halfway point of a ten year, one billion dollar investment in this sector.

We Are The Media

“We ARE the Media”

Friday and Saturday’s record breaking Boston snowstorm, gave us instantaneous boots on the street feedback as to traffic and commuter conditions. Citizen journalists, Facebook entries, Twitter pictures, all posted in real time on the web…

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