Helping the Boys and Girls Club of Cambridge

banner printed and donated by Kendall Press

Last night, the Kendall Square Association, sponsored by Amgen, hosted October’s Third Thursday event right around the corner
from us and Senior Amgen Manager
 Christopher Barr was on hand to meet and greet and hand out drink tickets and meal passes.  
photo by Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRessHere he is trying unsuccessfully to hide behind the KSA banner. But, we all know who was responsible for seeing that KSA members were treated to a Ribs, pulled chicken, and pulled pork BBQ from Redbones. Thank you Chris. And, actually, the real thanks goes to everyone who, rather than just stand around the beer garden, put down the beer (we’re not saying how), paid the fee, and picked up the utensils to carve pumpkins on behalf of this month’s showcased non profit – The Boys and Girls Club of Cambridge with a fund raiser campaign called The Great Pumpkin Glow
BMR team in front of Giant printed banner donated by Kendall PRess
The BMR team at the Great Pumpkin Glow’s giant event banner

The Bio Med Realty team came through with flying colors getting people, pumpkins and posters in place just in time for the big event.  A great start for local Business Communications, although the trickle down theory of flyer and event info sharing could have been even stronger from the Big Companies in town who we’ll get more engagement from next year! Do you hear us KSA big companies?  

Leading the crew were Maria Farias and Lindsay Sard of BMR. The event drew more than 200 people, saw a giant banner materialize overnight, miraculously had enough materials on hand to carve a huge number of  pumpkins (anybody get a final count?) by young and old alike and in the end, raised just shy of $25,000 in much needed operating funds for the Cambridge Boys and Girls Club.
the great pumpkin Glow banner printed by Kendall PRess
Club members flanked by ED Lorita Williams and Amgen’s Chris Barr
What a great introduction for newly named Executive Director Lorita B Williams who as acting director has also been a driving force behind helping bootstrap local High school kids in prep for their first week of college.

If you’d like to help push the club over the $25k mark – please contact Lorita at the Boys and Girls Club via email here. or call them at (617) 623-7370 . 

a wee bit lonely at  times
at the
beer garden
with so many families
in attendance

Must have been the good weather, the pumpkin carving and smuttynose pumpkin ale that brought out a strong showing of emotion for soon to retire Jim Kappel of Marriott and soon to move to Vermont, Lena Sharp, our KSA committee co-chair. (#devastated)

Lena is looking for good connections in Burlington Vt. – jobs- housing- restaurants and Jim has volunteered for anything the KSA needs. Really, Jim? Have we got a list for you. How are you at stuffing envelopes, direct mail, email and phone and print campaigns?
Come by and sign up anytime. We can keep you busy.Meanwhile, enjoy the images carved out from The Kendall Square Pumpkin Challenge ……..

day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
trace from paper
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
free style from paper
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
ready to wipe’em clean
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
digging in
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
yes, we spotted the ghostly handiwork of Chris Barr, Amgen
day in photos by Keith Spiro photo and banner courtesy of Kendall PRess B
a fine ghostly glow at sundown illuminated the giant banner


story and day in photos

KSA – Third Thursdays – Showcase for Community Non-profits, new restaurants and new product launches – Yes, an entrepreneur’s paradise.

Ah, the intricacies of business relationships in the world of entrepreneurs in  Kendall Square;  Home of MIT, Google East, MicrosoftEast, startups and Venture capitalists.  Come travel with us on our Third Thursdays events and you can learn a whole lot about Business Communications, successful marketing techniques, guerrilla marketing, and an insider’s view of the varied workings of MIT.
Exec Director Barbara Kibler on Right talks about
the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House.

This month our sponsor was the MIT investment Management Company  hosted at Gary Strack’s Firebrand Saints restaurant.  The nonprofit showcased was a favorite of MIT’s Sarah Gallop, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House. Their Executive Director, Barbara Kibler spoke of volunteerism and its role of building and strengthening programs for a diverse population with widely varying needs. You can physically help build a playground that would be labor not just cash and you can learn more about the organizations namesake Margaret Fuller here.

all photos this blogpost

       ©2012 KeithSpiroPhoto 
We paid special attention all night to groaning tables filled with luscious food that only Gary could come up with along with a drink menu to astound.
(L to R ) Gary Strack, Firebrand Saints;
Allen Breed, Walter Jenkins, and John McQuaid of MITIMCo
Opening the door to this world (literally), the men* of MITIMCo  the MIT Investment Management Company. Who knew? But of course, there had to be, an organization dedicated to the non teaching facilities owned by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John P. McQuaid, a director of Real Estate, welcomed us to this building under their care.
the newly unfurled sign
for Firebrand Saints

I met Robert Elfer,  a principal at Studio Troika, the architectural firm that turned a job (creating the space at Firebrand Saints) into a high tech passion of commitment. Yes, they like what they do – but they soared when given the flexibility to create something unique. From Rob, I learned the truth. It was Gary who insisted that there be no easily discernible name showing on the façade when they opened and it was Gary who withheld until just this month the splash of yellow that now calls out Firebrand Saints to passers by. Guerrilla marketing or coming out of stealth mode as many around here might say.

Roscoe O Thomas
I met the dapper, dressed for success,and very outgoing Roscoe O Thomas, Area 4 coordinator for the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House and great advocate that he is, he is also articulate and passionate about the people they help. No surprise considering that in a prior life he was Dean of City Year.
Gary Strack and Mark Strangio
display the first production unit of the board game
launched at September’s third Thursday’s event
And yes, I had a hand** in adding to the festivities by introducing our client POLITOCRACY, the gameTMwhose co-creator, Mark Strangio, held his product launch to coincide with our Third Thursday’s progams.  In contrast to Gary’s gradually unwrapping his creation and coming out of Stealth mode, Mark literally rolled out the game board and set up a table for those who wanted to be the first to see this monopoly reminiscent emergence of a snarky, sarcastic, argumentative, power acquiring business of “who will be elected president this November.” National politics is not a game, or is it? The box of freemium dice were a fun mix of double entendres that Mark proceeded to show off to peels of laughter. I especially liked the fully functional crooked dice.
Takeaways: New restaurant got to show off it’s stuff; MIT got to showcase their real estate and community prowess, Margaret Fuller Neighborhood house got to “meet as many people as possible” which was their goal and attendees got a chance to see a new board game in Beta and have an offset to the approaching presidential electoral storm.
Do you have a Kendall Square business to showcase? Are you a Kendall Square company looking to help bring visibility to those around you? Are you a non profit community oriented organization? If you would like to be a host, sponsor, or presented non-profit, please contact the Kendall Square Association. A member of our marketing and events committee will gladly follow up with you.
Entrepreneur in Residence, Kendall PRess
Member KSA Marketing and Events committee
Blogger and Twitteratti of the Innovation economy
*No! They are not all men but the phrase has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? And in a fashion of chivalry long past –in a town that recognizes no such distinctions– it was the men – who held the door open. For those worried about gender sensitivity, this was a staged photo opp and readers of this blog know we’re big cheerleaders for innovators, entrepreneurs and equal opportunity for all.
**Full Disclosure. Kendall PRess has been paid to manufacture the game board, cards and instructions for POLITOCRACY, the gameTM  and yes, that means that this board game is proudly manufactured right here in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA, USA.  We didn’t create it but we sure are helping bring it to life – another new startup – right here in the World Capitol of Innovation.

The future lives here – Kendall Square Third Thursdays Events

The future lives here. As the third Thursday’s casual group of Kendall Square denizens travels around the community, we gathered last night at WEST BRIDGE, the recently opened fresh French restaurant at one Kendall Square. The evening was sponsored by Cambridge Trust Company.
We always try to provide free press and some business communications for a local non profit  and last night the sponsors chose The Museum of Interesting Things– and indeed, it was – very interesting. Denny Daniel and his volunteers provide a traveling interactive demonstration and exhibition of antiques and inventions. Last night he had me thinking of games and innovation.
The Osborne – the first portable though not quite laptop computer. Sold for $1800 had a 5 inch screen and weighted 24.5 pounds.
Here I am holding my droid next to it – much lighter like 4.6 oz. or 130g., not nearly as expensive in acquisition costs though ongoing costs are quite another thing. Yes, and somehow the screen seems to have shrunk right back down to the same old size from 1981. Can anybody recommend a good optometrist around here?
Somehow the more things change…. the more expensive they become.
Thomas Edison is never far away from anything Kendall and last night was not any different with a whole assortment of his inventions available to touch and play.
The roller coaster. Gotta tell ya. I remember this toy – surely it was my uncle’s back in NYC, Coney Island, not far from where much of this museum is currently housed.
Tech folks? sorry, not an app in sight except the ones provided by West Bridge and they were most delectable. I really liked the chicken skewers and I apologize for not knowing the French name for that appetizer.
Some 70+people turned out to check out the restaurant and the portable museum. Denny Daniel, is an interesting character and well suited for his performance as impresario (if you want to hear a Denny Daniels who I found while researching this blog, then listen to  this blues video while you read the posting)
Finally let’s end the night with Denny Daniel and our sponsors from Cambridge Trust (seen here from left to right Denny Daniel MOIT, Brian Kelley, Stephen Caputo and Marc Earnest all of Cambridge Trust Company)
Jane Mason, their entrepreneurial banker in residence, deftly orchestrated this photo opp and sidestepped the shutter at the last minute leaving these gentlemen to fend for themselves. Well done.
Kudos to Lena Sharp for maintaining a schedule of third Thursday volunteers and Jim Kappel and Chris Barr,  KSA board members, for always being available at these events.
See you all next month. Let  us know if you’d like to be a future sponsor.

all photos ©KeithSpiroPhoto

courtesy of Kendall Press

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Kendall Square Association Third Thursday Event at Venture Cafe with photos

This month’s Third Thursday Event in Kendall Square gave us a chance to explore the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Venture Café. CIC is home to some 450 startup companies and contributes to Kendall Square being “the most innovative mile on the planet“ TM

Our tour host was none other than Geoff Mamlet, the Managing Director of the CIC. While the group was the usual number of 30-40 attendees, most of the faces were different and evenly split between first timers (at the Venture Café) and fast trackers.
Through the KSA’s Community Outreach Program, we met

The Possible Project, a Cambridge-based non-profit serving high school students who have untapped potential but face multiple barriers to success. TPP offers a year-long program for students to learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship; conceive, launch, and run their own businesses; work for one of TPP’s in-house businesses; and take part in workshops, events and job shadowing to learn crucial 21st century skills. What better place to learn about them than in the one building on Planet Earth with the greatest number of startups and entrepreneurs.

I don’t’ have a kitchen like this at home but Geoff talked about the power of food to nurture conversation and creativity both of which are in great supply 24/7. He could not disclose the actual numbers of bananas consumed (failure to track not failure to disclose) but he told us they do get replenished every two days.

I split off from the tour so I could take in the KICKSTARTER panel discussion

MC’d by Scott Kirsner and came away with my own box of environmentally and gastronomically friendly popcorn from the good folks at Quinn popcorn

Room reserved for 26 people
Photo shows many more than that

Here’s how Chris, the survey bouncer increased the response rate to better than 80% (come on folks, it’s only a one question survey).

All groups converged at the Venture Café, the regular Thursday night gathering for the creative and entrepreneurial community.

Here’s this Day in Photos by KeithSpiroPhotography courtesy of Kendall PRess.

an active member of the Kendall Square Association outreach committee

Entrepreneur in Residence at Kendall PRess

“We no longer go on line, we are always online in this hyper connected new world” said Paul Sagan, Akamai CEO, at the Kendall Square Association Annual Meeting just last week.

The communication revolution spurred by the internet is much like the beginning of the industrial revolution and heeding the advice of Hubspot is much akin to keeping pace with Henry Ford when the auto disrupted travel and time expectations.
Much of technology’s rapid pace of change emanates from right here in Kendall Square. What better place to take risk than where the future does live and thrive and grow? It is here that Akamai went from an idea to a $2B business. It is here that Hubspot has become the second fastest growing software company and has recognized the disruption that the internet’s efficiency has created in changing the need for sales reps to Inbound Marketers and solutions guide.

And what of Gutenberg’s legacy output? A print shop can remain just a print outlet or, like Kendall PRess, become a change agent in the new world of paperNpixels and Business Communications.

After learning from David Meerman Scott and utilizing Hubspot’s Grader tools, we have created the position of Entrepreneur in Residence at Kendall PRess to spearhead the transition to a real time business communications support organization. Our clients depend on us to help them deliver their message – only now- that message is often in pixels as well as in print.

Why an entrepreneur in residence? Mark and Cheryl are keen on encouraging this journey into the seismic shift of how companies are marketing themselves and help us take Kendall PRess and our customers to where they need to be right now.

Sure, people know of Kendall PRess as a place to go for letterhead and business card printing, but we have a much bigger story to tell..


  • Hubspot’s Grader tool ranks us as #15 in the Twitter Elite of Cambridge.
  • We printed the invitations to the Royal Wedding (NECN direct link to Boston) but we also
  • traveled to New York City for the Venture Emergence event.
  • We even Beta Tested Guy Kawasaki’s new book What the Plus prior to its public launch at SXSW on March 9, 2012.What is going on here? We all believe that we can best help our clients by taking the very same steps along the journey of the Business Communications revolution. We are living what we preach. We have created the role of Entrepreneur in Residence because our clients who are creating marketing and advertising pieces need the latest news in this communications revolution. Not talking about it but actually doing it and passing along the lessons learned.

    Fastest shrinking job title: Sales Associate
    Largest dream for better than 82% of all Americans? Getting published.

    We’ve co-sponsored the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup because, indeed, we no longer ‘go on line,’ we are always on line; listening, finding and curating the best content to provide our clients with what they need to continue to thrive in this fast paced business climate.

    Tim Rowe, president of the Kendall Square Association and Founder of the Cambridge Innovation Center pointed out that Most New Jobs are created by Startups – nimble businesses with fewer than 20 employees that can catch the wave and bring others through the changes or create the disruptions that force change and create new jobs.

    At Kendall PRess, The Entrepreneur in Residence is in the house. How can we help you with your critical tasks?



Kendall Square Association Third Thursday Event – Ice Skating

Last Night was the “not quite snow deep in winter” Ice Skating event sponsored by BioMedRealty with co-sponsors Evoo/Za; Kendall Square Community Ice Skating and introducing a local non-profit, City Sprouts.

We spotted Mark Milone from BMR with Kurt Douty from Bosse City Club just itching to get out onto the ice.

BMR Event Host Ashley Myslinski with City Sprouts Executive Director Jane Hirschi and colleagues posed for the camera just before the arrival of food, drink and ice skating time.

Another local KSA Celeb, Justin Martin from Community Charter School of Cambridge found a new friend in Sylvan Quallo of Bank of America.

T’was an intimate and friendly evening in the Square.

Za’s own General Manager, Steve Kurland, is always there to insure the pizza is perfect and plentiful. Thanks Steve!

photos by
courtesy of Kendall PRess.

The Confluence of Paper and Pixels (photographic proof)

paperNpixels seem to be coming together more and more often these days. We continue to focus on that confluence of technologies that are sometimes in alignment and sometimes at odds.
Here are two wonderful cases in point:

1. Xconomy recently held its Third Annual Mobile Madness event (#mobmad). A sellout crowd in the perfect storm. The Xconomy Forum Mobile Madness 2011 – Getting Down to Business (the photo gallery) brought together visionaries, technology leaders and investors in a spirited day of jam packed, back to back, sessions. Participants were encouraged to fire up their mobile devices – a far cry from the old world of being told to buckle your seatbelt, place your seatbacks in the upright position and turn off your world while the airline is in control. Here are some random photos of modern day note taking at a Mobile event. Love it! Neither Paper nor Pixels alone quite get it done at this time.


2. Example #2 has to do with non-profit organizations. I sit on the board of a couple of them. I advise on #paperNpixels. Not a surprise here. But recently, Google, who has a strong commitment to the non profit sector launched a new program for non profits. They also did a wonderful job of summarizing all the tools and products they make available and I have been happily passing the word along to the various organizations I advise.

With just the right mix of paperNpixels, you too can produce outstanding results for your business. The excitement is a lot like shooting white water rapids – exhilarating, scary and not much room for miscalculations.

I just love it when two streams come together. Hang on tight. See you at the next backwater eddy.

Photos copyright 2011 KeithSpiroPhotography

STEP up to the Challenge INSPIRE the Next Generation

The 2011 kickoff to STEP INSPIRE took place at the Microsoft NERD center on Monday evening. While most of us in the tech and start up community focus on new business launches and product releases, the folks at STEP INSPIRE invest their energy getting the next generation of talent ready for the business world.

STEP seeks partnerships with companies and non-profit organizations committed to bridging the gap between professionals and the next generation. Their mantra is very simple ONE PERSON OR EXPERIENCE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF AN INDIVIDUAL’S LIFE.

They are all about INSPIRING STUDENTS and ENGAGING COMPANIES in collaborative efforts. Call them and join the many other businesses that open their doors to give tours to their students. Take on a mentoring relationship and open the world of business opportunities to this highly motivated group of kids. Kendall Press has been working with STEP for about a year. We are gratified to see the first graduating group turn out in large numbers at the Johnny Cupcakes presentation. We’re proud of them all.

Johnny’s story is an interesting one and while this may seem a little self serving, he reinforced several times the importance of having business cards. Yes, even high school students, he said should have them. They are the coin of the realm when it comes to meeting others and extending a means of introduction. To our chagrin he kept talking about the big box store in the cloud with their free business cards. No, no, no. Nothing is ever totally free. There is a time and a money or quality tradeoff, but he also talked about quality and passion for a job done well. We applaud his efforts on behalf of STEP and we encourage the thoughtful creation and use of business cards as one tool in that arsenal of skills that will help open doors. To all the students at STEP: We congratulate you on your first ”step” and encourage you to keep learning and keep growing.

Here are the images from Monday’s wonderful event.
(whose photos grace the front page of STEP’s website)


Royalty Visits Kendall Square and STEPs up to Education

Yesterday, the British Consulate General in Boston, hosted a reception for their new digs just down the street from us and to open the new office and kick off an amazing conference was His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. Kendall Press was on hand to cover the excitement.

Why are the Brits here? In the words of Phil Budden, the ConsulateGeneral for New England, “we do Science and Technology, Education and Commerce. Harvard and MIT are here, so is Microsoft and Google.” So, naturally, they want to participate in the resurgence of Kendall Square and the East Coast’s Inventive Economy. The British kicked off the first of an annual event that brings together a panel of business leaders and an audience of primarily High School Students.

The program was called Inspiration in Action Conference 2010 and was put on in a partnership between the British School of Boston and STEP an organization which works hard to inspire students and engage companies by connecting students and businesses in Cambridge. Kudos to them. It was quite a scene, with His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent mingling with high school students from area schools and business leaders such as Peter Tedeschi, president of Tedeschi Food shops, and representatives from Microsoft, MIT Sloan school, USA First and others all sharing life and career experiences.

Here are just a few images from the event. The future of our economy and industries are transitioning to this next generation’s hands and there are business leaders who do GET IT.