5 HUBweek Events You Can’t Miss

Boston has always been known as a center of innovation. The greater Boston Area alone is home to 6 Universities listed in the Top 50 National Universities Ranking in 2016. When the 2 most prestigious of those Universities, Harvard and MIT, collaborate to form HUBweek, the slogan “A week-long exploration of innovations & creativity” should come as no surprise.HUBweek

The week-long event exceeded expectations and drew in 46,000 attendants in 2015, that was its first year! The event, hosted by MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital and The Boston Globe has a lot going on between Sept. 25 and Oct. 1 2016. While HUBweek is open to all interested parties, some of the events are better suited for people of certain industries or area of expertise. This however, does not mean there are not events that everyone can go to. In fact they encourage people from all different backgrounds to explore their events. In this article. we will highlight only 5, of the many thought provoking events. We picked the events not just by importance, but with the belief that they will be especially beneficial to people from all backgrounds.

1. Faneuil Forum

– Sept.26 6:00 – 8:00pm – Free

Whether you like politics or not, the fact is that politics effects everyone. This is especially true if you are a business, even if it will effect some more than others. Taking place in the historic Faneuil Hall, this event is a discussion about the legitimacy of proposed policies and issues that surely effect us all. This HUBweek event that links politics with technology is surely vital for everyone.

2. Expanding Opportunity in the Digital Age

– Sept.27 10:00am – Noon – $25

Hopefully the title makes it pretty clear why it’s applicable to everyone since we’re all living in the digital/information age. This event goes beyond explaining how companies and businesses can and have used the rapid technological advancements. Hear a variety of personal stories from workers to learn about how technological growth can benefit you.

 3. Crowds & Climate Conference

– Sept. 28-29 8:30 – 12:30pm –  $50

Climate Change is one of the biggest topics of the 21st century. There are countless numbers or jobs and even companies that were created solely because of climate change and the research that has been done for it. MIT’s Climate CoLab alone has 60,000 people all over the world working together online to help address climate change. The climax of this Crowds & Climate Conference is the fact that the 2016 Climate CoLab contest winners will be talking about unique solutions to battle climate change from 20 different countries.

4. Welcome to boston, the IoT Hub of the Future

– Sept. 29 4:00-7:00pm – Free

IoT stands for Internet of Things. Explained simply, Internet of Things refers to objects that are not only connected to the internet, but can communicate with each other and various other electronic objects. The opening paragraph should make it clear why Boston can be considered a “Hub of the Future”. Make no mistake, this event is easier to benefit from if you are a techy, however if you value keeping up with technological trends; this event is essential. The entire theme of this week is extremely entrepreneurial and innovative. If these are categories you think you or your company belong to, then you might be able to use the IoT to your success.

5. Demo Day

– Sept. 30 11:00 – 6:00pm – Free

From all of HUBweek’s events, this has to be one of the funnest and (obviously) most interactive events. You might think that this event will be dominated by tech companies, which let’s be honest, demo shows usually are. However, there will be a large variety of companies that show up to showcase their unique approaches and innovations in their own industry. This is definitely an event that everyone can have fun at and learn a lot from if they are willing to engage with the showcasing companies.

But Kendall Press, You’re a Printing Company, Why Are You Writing About This?

Although on the surface we are a printing company, we are far from just a printing facility. We are also designers, consultants and partners. We will be attending this event ourselves for multiple reasons.

  • By keeping up with innovation of other industries, we are flexible to our partner’s changing needs by preemptively adapting the products and services we offer.
  • As consultants and designers, we can further improve our partner’s visibility when assisting with their trade shows/conventions, by evaluating the presence of companies at HUBweek and keeping up with trends.
  • As a company based in Kendall Square and serving the Greater Boston area, it is important to stay up to date with important events.

Hopefully this article will help you prepare your attendance for HUBweek. If you enjoyed this article feel free to subscribe!


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Kendall Press prints for many local communities, including Belmont, MA.

Belmont Library promotes their music series.
Friends of Belmont Public Library promote their music series.

Kendall Press has been serving local businesses since 1986, including Belmont, MA.  We recently completed a job for the Friends of the Belmont Public Library for their upcoming Celo Corvus music series. We have been working with the wonderful people there for many years, and I must say, it is refreshing to see a library this active. The library has also embraced the digital age by offering wireless internet and access to computers to browse the internet free of charge. It even has Kindles available for checkout demonstrating that print and digital can go hand in hand!

When you think of a library, most of us picture the image of the librarian who is reminding everyone to be quiet.  At this library, the Friends of the Belmont Public Library sponsors many different activities including the author series where local authors discuss their work. They also sponsor a music series where one Saturday afternoon in each month from January to April, talented musicians present an hour of music. Also on their agenda is the One Book One Belmont program where they choose one book and the library and eleven co-sponsoring community groups invite town residents to read the book and participate in book discussions. As you can see, they stay very active.

How do they get the word out about their events and make sure they are successful? One way is by having Kendall Press print wide format posters, both laminated and un-laminated depending on where they are being placed.  We also print color and black and white flyers that they post and pass out in the community to help spread the word. We find it exciting helping them to promote all of their events and to see who the next author or musician will be!

Belmont Public Library also coordinates year-round events and programs for adults, teens, and children. Visit their website to see all the fun activities that they have planned – Upcoming Library Events.  Kendall Press services the local communities of Cambridge, Boston, Allston, Arlington, Belmont, Brighton, Brookline, Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Needham, Newton, Roxbury, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown and Woburn. We also work with many international companies and ship globally!  If you need help promoting your next event, visit our website where you can request a quote or give us a call.  We would love to help!

Season’s Greetings from Kendall Press


Lab Central – 1 Year Anniversary Congrats!

celebrating first full year in operation. Kendall Square

CONGRATULATIONS! celebrating first full year in operation. Kendall Square

Sustainability, Community and Project Piaba

Project Piaba - Logo

High tech and bio tech companies get a lot of press around Boston, and for good reason. Every day, organizations disrupt inefficient models with new tools and offer intriguing headlines for the local business press with stories of fresh success, new investments and notable acquisitions. But how many of them can say that they have a direct, positive impact on the livelihoods of a community of 40,000?

That is the case for the team at Project Piaba, a research group housed within the New England Aquarium. Led by Aquarium biologist Scott Dowd, this team of primarily volunteers has spent the better part of the last 20 years conducting research into the ornamental fish trade in the Rio Negro basin of the Amazon (the South American jungle, not to be confused with the tech giant). In conducting their research, Project Piaba has quietly helped build structure and support for an entrepreneurial community of nearly 40,000 to maintain their lifestyle, livelihoods, and environment in a sustainable way.

Project Piaba - IUCN logoScott’s work on Project Piaba has been recognized by aquariums and environmental organizations around the world including the Lisbon Aquarium and, most recently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Headquartered in Gland, Switzerland, the IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. They work to find solutions to the world’s environmental and development challenges. When the IUCN recently created the Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group, Scott was named the first chairperson of this new group, a major milestone that was celebrated by team members and internal Aquarium supporters.

Project Piaba - IUCN FFSG celebratory cake - ©KeithSpiroPhoto

In many ways, the work Project Piaba undertakes is a wonderful microcosm of sustainability in the modern world, and not just from an ecological perspective.

Consider that in its broadest sense, the concept of sustainability is really all about the ability for a system or process to endure over time. Because of this, we are able to view sustainability in a broader context than its typical tie to nature. We see this expanded context in our very own communities in Boston and Cambridge where we talk about the local business environment and the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

These environments and ecosystems didn’t just spring up overnight. Like the success in the Rio Negro region, our own ecosystems have been developed and nurtured over long periods of time, allowing them to grow to the heights they reach today. Also like the community in Rio Negro, the survival and success of our existing ecosystem relies on a system of support that is international in nature, a collaborative infrastructure that offers positive socioeconomic impact both locally and around the world.

Project Piaba - swissnex Boston logoIn Boston, that means that more than 50 consul generals live and work in the area, including representatives from countries like the UK, Japan and Switzerland. These Consulate Generals are almost expressly focused on building international relations and powerful business connections to promote global growth. Take current Swiss Consul General, Dr. Felix Moesner, and his team at swissnex Boston. They bill themselves as a “nexus for knowledge exchange,” and follow through on that promise by hosting numerous events throughout the year connecting innovative Swiss entrepreneurs with the world at large.

Project Piaba - Team photo of Project Piaba - ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Project Piaba has similarly assisted in building a sustainable model with local sensibility and sensitivity. They have demonstrated how to think globally and act locally…only their local action takes place in multiple places around the world in an interconnected fashion that ultimately has a global impact. For this, we salute the many hours they have contributed to making the world more sustainable, and for the stellar example they set for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Want a first hand look at how Project Piaba is supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in the Amazon?
Contact Scott Dowd for details about their upcoming expedition to Rio Negro in January of 2015!


Keith Spiro, for the team at Kendall Press

WordPress in Boston


WordPress in Boston - The official WordPress logo

WordPress started in 2003 and has since become a key tool in the online presence of millions of companies. Originally viewed as a way to easily manage a blog, more and more organizations are utilizing the WordPress framework as the backbone of their company websites.

Delving into the world of websites can be a daunting task without technical knowledge of programming and development. That’s why I wanted to share my experience from a recent workshop series that I attended with Boston WordPress.

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GoDaddy’s Cambridge Office

GoDaddy Cambridge - Entryway ©KeithSpiroPhoto

GoDaddy recently opened a new office in Cambridge and I was among the attendees there to welcome them to the community. CEO Blake Irving was on hand for the official ceremony and made it clear that GoDaddy had made a commitment to opening “great offices where the great talent is.” It’s no surprise, then, that they chose to situate themselves in Kendall Square, where the talent is as abundant as anywhere in the world.

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Inside Google Boston – An Open House for the Boston Community

Inside Google Boston - Google Elevator ©KeithSpiroPhoto

The elevators are just the start of how Google Boston embraces the community.

Earlier this week, Google Boston opened the doors of its Kendall Square office to the Greater Boston community. This was an opportunity to show off their 300,000 square feet of space and welcome neighbors to their newly connected campus in Boston Properties’ Cambridge Center.

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Kendall Square History

Kendall Square History - Cambridge Historical Tour action photo ©KeithSpiroPhoto DSC00835c

Kendall Square’s history is one of evolution and innovation. While this idea is widely acknowledged, the depth of history in the Kendall Square neighborhood may surprise even the longest-tenured resident or organization that calls the 02142 zip code home.

I recently had the pleasure of discovering some surprising historical gems myself on a tour of the Kendall Square area. Guided by Daniel Berger-Jones, founder of Cambridge Historical Tours, the Kendall Square Association Marketing and Events Committee was given a new perspective on the neighborhood to which we all consider ourselves insiders and experts.

A few Kendall Square History lessons I learned on our tour:

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Networking Events – 07/28/14 through 08/01/14


Networking Events Boston - MBTA Station Photo ©KeithSpiroPhoto

There’s a great big world out there! This week, we’re welcoming new neighbors, celebrating important milestones, and learning how to better connect with our audience and community. Come out and meet someone new with The Week Ahead!

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