Optimizing the Ecological Footprint of your Boston-based Business

Ecological Footprint Hazards

Our increasingly paperless society has a gigantic ecological footprint.  Tablets, laptops, desktops, cellphones and fiber optic data transmission networks which may all replace paper in some ways, not only take vast amount of energy to produce and function; their operation requires the use of rare earth elements (REE’s).  And herein lies the conservation conundrum because the extraction and use of REEs devastates the environment.

REE’s must be extracted from the ground through open pit mining which involves digging out large areas of land to substantial depths and bringing these materials to a location for the extraction. The mining consumes large amounts of fossil fuels, results in air and water pollution and leaves behind scarred ecosystems. During extraction, REEs are separated from the geological material that encrusts them using water, solvents, chemicals, and toxic materials which my pollute the air, ground, or water with terrible consequences. The unwanted rocky leftovers often contain radioactive material, which tends to be found in the same deposits as the REEs.

It is unusual to find REEs in concentrations high enough for economical extraction and the supply is declining. They have special properties that are crucial to our modern devices and are irreplaceable since synthetics do not exist. There are no substitutes for REEs. Also, electronics contain hazardous substances like cadmium, leas and mercury which can poison the soil and water.

Although only tiny amounts of REEs may be used in each device, at a global scale the amounts are enormous. For examples, a typical cell phone contains a little over 0.1 ounce of neodymium (in the tiny rechargeable battery in the screen), and europium, terbium, and yttrium (in the liquid crystal display screen). In the US alone, there are roughly as many cell phones as people and therefore 1000 tons of REEs are embedded in just one kind of device. Worldwide, close to 150,000 tons of REEs are used every year in the manufacture of electronic devices and instruments.

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that most people obtain a new cell phone about every 18 months and that only 1-10% of cell phones are recycled in the US. The rest end of in landfills as electronic waste. In 2005, about 65000 tons of electronic waste in the US was from cell phones or less 1% of the electronic waste generated by the US.

We live in an era where the constant demand for more and better electronic devices demand and require more REEs as well as more electricity for both manufacture and use of the multiple devices. This results in an impact on the ecological footprint.

Ecological Footprint Benefits of Using Recycled Paper Products

White paper production does have a cost but it also has the following unique inherent sustainable features over many other products, for example electronics:

1. It is made from natural and renewable raw materials, trees, which are the product of soil, water and sunlight and can be re-harvested, re-planted and used indefinitely if forests are managed properly.

2. Paper helps to increase levels of literacy and democracy worldwide and plays and important role in protecting goods and foodstuffs during transit.

3. Paper is one of the most recycled commodities in the world with levels of over 65% recovery in North America and paper can be recycled 6-7 times to make new paper products.

4. Paper production is one of the highest users of renewable energy, with over 65% of energy coming from renewable sources as biomass.

5. Well managed and third party certified forests provide numerous environmental, social and economic benefits throughout North America, including protection of air and water and acting as a carbon sink to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

6. Paper and paperboard recovery in 2013 resulted in a reduction of 149 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to removing 31 million cards from the road in one year.

Ecological Footprint Alternatives

Two studies on the ecological footprint have found that paperless initiatives do not save trees. The loss of markets for paper and other wood products, a large portion of which are produced from wood harvested on privately owned land, increased the risk of forest lost. The number of trees on managed forest lands has been increasing considerably over the last 60 years due to responsible forestry practices. Wood is a valuable renewable resource . Even in a declining market for printing and writing paper means:

a. Using less paper does not mean that wood harvesting will be reduced

b. Similar or rising volumes of wood are being harvested in key forest regions of North America for other sues including lumber, fuel pellets and pulp for use in production of packaging, tissues and textiles

c. The market focus is likely to shift to other opportunities besides paper given the broad utility of wood, global needs for raw materials and incentives of many forest owners to derive income from their lands.

Private forest ownership and stable paper markets create a synergy that has long yielded tens of thousands of jobs, rural income and strong incentives for continued investment in forests for the near and long term. However, if efforts to reduce wood markets succeed over a long period of time, the result will likely be a loss of forest lands rather than the reverse.

North American forests are a global resource providing critical renewable raw materials for a variety of societal needs. Large areas of these forests are managed by millions of individual landowners, many of whom rely on their forest for income. Without a market for wood from pulp and paper manufacturers, significant numbers of landowners will turn to different markets or perhaps reduce investment in tree planting. Should markets for wood simply dry up, then there is a very real likelihood of land conversions to other uses such as urban development or agriculture result in the trees being cleared for these other applications.

It is important to understand that forest resources are used for many different products in addition to paper. For example, in the south US, forest landowner have embraced the emergence of a growing bioenergy industry that produces fuel pellets from wood. The new bioenergy industry is currently consuming a quantity of wood equivalent to about 16% of that going into pulp and paper production, up from 0% in 2008. Canada has seen a steep decline in paper production, and the use of pulpwood for papermaking due to mill closures over the past decade. However, harvesting rates have remained the same or increased due to the acceptance by saw mills of new markets for pulp in making textiles in India and energy pellets. The energy pellets serve an export market that is seeking lower carbon production of energy supplies. Rather than asking which is better, paper or electronic communication, we should be working to determine which combination of the two has the least impact on the environment while meeting social and economic needs.

For additional information, download our free whitepaper, How Print Grows Trees or visit our website to find out how Kendall Press Recycles! We would love to hear from you!

Can Apps and Social Media Work for your Business?

Get Social with Kendall Press

Get Social with Kendall Press

Running a successful business today means putting social media to work for your company. Regardless of industry, a strong social media presence allows you to maximize your reach, while at the same time generate sales from other sources aside from local consumers. Whether you are launching a startup or looking to expand a current business, utilizing social media and various applications that are beneficial to teams and industry leaders is a way to stay one step ahead of the competition while reaching a much wider audience.

Branding Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Before setting up social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, it’s important to consider the audience you want to reach regarding demographics and age groups. How do you want to present your company? What voice do you want to implement when showcasing products or services? Are you planning to share graphics, videos, or humorous updates to potential customers? Carefully consider the voice, tone, and style you want to use to represent your brand based on the audience you plan on reaching (with paid or organically grown content).

Social Media Tips for Business

When creating social media pages for your business, using the same handle and username for all options is highly advisable. Steer clear of confusing names or characters that may leave users lost or unsure of your page’s authenticity. Consider the flow of your posts and the type of content you produce to streamline your pages and keep users coming back for more. Share real stories and content from relevant industry professionals, helping to build brand loyalty and authority. Consistent updating is the key to maintaining relevancy while also keeping potential customers engaged in hearing what you have to say.


Slack is known throughout both the startup world as well as large-scale companies to help teams and employees better communicate with one another. As a free app download available for both Android and iOS phones, Slack allows individuals within a company to create selective “channels” for marketing, general chat, social media, and any other customized channel that is fitting for your business. Sending messages to an entire team simultaneously allows employees to work more efficiently while also staying on topic with unlimited channels available. Sending images, graphics, and documents is also a possibility with Slack, making it extremely useful when completing everything from print projects, marketing material outlines, to setting goals for an upcoming week or month.

Houseparty App

One application that is growing fast within business markets is an app that was originally designed for college students and a younger demographic altogether. The Houseparty App is free and available on Android and iOS phones, allowing users to create private or public “rooms” to video chat with one another “on the fly.” Although Skype is an alternative, along with GoToMeeting, Houseparty is entirely free and allows up to 8 users in one room simultaneously. Chatting with team members or employees who work remotely will help everyone to catch up on projects and plans quickly regardless of location.


Evernote is a classic app that is useful for saving documents, photos, and even print materials you want to share with your entire team or specific employees with ease. The free version of Evernote allows users to upload 60 megabytes of data each month, with premium versions available for large-scale companies. Using Evernote is a quick and easy method of showcasing updates, saving and pinning websites to share, and collectively engaging in one another’s finds online (without pesky bookmarks and browsing).

Take time to consider your company’s needs regarding finance, communication, and time management to assess which type of apps work best for your teams. Find the voice and branding of your business to appeal to potential consumers without sounding robotic or “too corporate,” while still resonating with those who are interested in your products or services. The more you truly understand the needs of your consumers, the easier it becomes to relate to them, helping to boost sales, loyalty, and interest in any industry.

The Kendall Press team would love to hear how you use Social Media and Apps to grow your business and which apps that you find most useful!   Visit out website and connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Exhibiting at Trade Shows, Why and Why Not?

All About Trade Shows: Exhibiting

Attending trade shows is a proven method to increase your brand awareness and to generate leads. Like all methods however, if done incorrectly it can also bring harm. In this article we will discuss the benefits of trade shows and also address potential problems that could encourage you to not exhibit at a trade show.

 Importance of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

The benefits of attending trade shows are countless. The straightforward benefits are lead generation and exposure. It’s important to note that most trade shows are not revenue generating opportunities, even if it does happen from time to time. Certain trade shows are more likely to generate revenue, especially if you are well prepared for that purpose, however, trade shows are primarily marketing and networking opportunities. To start off, we’ll identify some common reasons to exhibit at trade shows.

  • Exposure
  • Fresh, Original Content for Your Company
  • Direct Lead Generation
  • Indirect Lead Generation
  • Brand Image
  • New Product Introduction

When talking about Indirect Lead generation, we are led back to exposure. Just being out in the open will get you noticed. Passerbys might not directly convert into leads at the trade show, but because they saw you there, they might turn to you in the future. In addition, if asked by a colleague “do you know a company that does ****” they could recall your name. There are many other examples similar to these that are simply impossible to track. On the other hand, you can also directly gain leads from people who interact with you or participate in some of the lead generation activities you have prepared for the event. For ideas about lead generating activities, you can check out our article on Driving Traffic at Trade Shows, and the section about social media cards in our article about Handouts in Trade Shows.

Customers and potential customers value seeing their company be active. Participating in trade shows is one way to do that. Make sure to take pictures and videos when participating events and exhibiting at trade shows. These original media become a priceless marketing collateral that can be used in countless ways. Having your own original pictures to put on social media, e-mails, reports, brochures etc. is extremely effective. Similarly, these pictures and trade shows can help refine your brand image. For example, if your company wants to be viewed in a green-friendly light, participating in events that are hosted by green companies or have a green-initiative is a great way to spread awareness to your company’s green-initiative.

Many companies have used trade shows to feature new products. This is particular effective as it can be hard to attract customers towards new products. Having your new product out in the open for people to test and see in person is very good exposure for it and can propel the product towards success.

 Criteria for Opting Out of Trade Shows

In a different light, we wanted to address 3 circumstances that are important to consider before exhibiting at a trade show.

  • lack of funding
  • different target audience
  • lack of preparation

Lack of funding and preparation are two separate reasons, however the case they make is a similar one. Both of these can actually hurt your company. If your company is not willing to put in the minimum amount of funding for a decent quality exhibit, you might seriously consider whether or not you would like to go. I have personally seen companies exhibiting with a just wooden table with their name printed on a white piece of paper that was taped to the table. Two booths away was a company with a table cover, 2 standing banners, 5 staff members, promotional products and some other informative handouts. Needless to say the former company did not receive many visitors. In fact I knew two people who attended with the one of their goals being to talk to company A but did not end up doing so. One person said they could not find them at all. This was probably because of how underwhelming their exhibit was. The other person said they were disheartened by their display and looked at other companies instead. This might have been due to a lack of funding, or just that they did not allocate the required time to prepare for the event.

Exhibiting at trade shows can be pricey depending on the size of trade show. Many of those costs however are fixed costs and will cost you less the more trade shows you go to. For example our Trade Show Starter Pack costs $750, which for a small company new to trade shows can seem expensive. However you can reuse the products for multiple trade shows. If you go to 10 trade shows the cost will be just $75 per trade show!

The final point we wanted cover is the target audience. Usually there is some way of knowing some statistics about the expected audience. If the age, or general interest of the audience is much different than what your company usually attracts then you might want to consider if it is worth to exhibit. This is a relatively weak argument as you can still exhibit in these trade shows to increase your brand awareness and chances are you will at least be able to find a handful of people who are interested in your company that will make it worth your time. Ultimately, this arguement is only valid if you are understaffed and really can not afford to spare your resources for an exhibit that is potentially much less valuable in comparison to the other things they could be doing.

This article is part of a series designed to help companies prepare for trade shows called All About Trade Shows. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave one below. In addition, Kendall Press offers many services beyond just print material to help you prepare for trade shows and similar events. If you would like to learn more about how we can work together to ensure the best presence for your company, please contact us by clicking on the button below!


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5 Ways to Drive Trade Show Traffic

All About Trade Shows: Attraction

In this series we talked a lot about specific products and services to help maximize your effectiveness at trade shows. The topics helped you better attract people and maximize the efficiency of the time you have with potential customers so you can generate leads. In this article we’re going to take a step back and talk about one general topic, attracting people to you. We will discuss not just products and services that will boost your visibility, but also what you can before the trade show in terms of both preparation and design so that people actively come to you, or want to come to you when passing by.


Presentation is a topic we brushed on multiple times when talking about products you need to have. To recap, you need to look professional and there are certain minimums you need to look professional enough to attract passersby  who don’t know you. The basics that you need are listed in our Trade Show Starter Pack, from promotional products to banner stands, but we want to expand more on design. One extremely common design flaw is not making what your company does obvious. Very few people will take the time to enquire about your business without being able to at least get somewhat of a grasp beforehand. Not to mention the business you might miss out on from people who might actually be interested in what you have to offer but end up obliviously walking by.

If you have more room to work with, there are two things you might want to consider. Having a place where people can sit or stand to talk face to face with someone about something specific can be greatly beneficial in both generating and converting leads. This area can look more professional and welcoming with a small curved hop up. If you have even more room to work with, consider having a seating area just outside or inside your reception. This is a simply and extremely successful tactic for engaging potential customers as people always tend to look for a place to rest at trade shows. If that place just happens to be filled with some items that reflect your company, all the better!

Raffles, Giveaways and Mini-Games

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. We have talked about using social media giveaways and other ways to engage people previously. Raffles are somewhat unique in their simplicity. Of course you can make entering and qualifying as complex as you want, but at the end of the day, the easier it is to participate in something, the more likely people will participate in it. The most successful raffle we’ve seen was in a fair where a company had a raffle for a $100 American Express giftcard. You just had to sign up with your name and e-mail at the booth and your name would be entered, near the end fair a winner would be picked and they would be given the prize there and then. They were easily the most popular booth at the venue! Of course if you wanted to make sure that they aren’t giving you fake e-mails or if you wanted to narrow down the winners to leads that have a higher chance of being converted into customers there are a number of different options. For example, you can make the winners be announced later and require them to interact with at least 1 of 3 e-mails targeted towards the leads generated at the tradeshow.

Another example is having a venue mini-game or puzzle. This could be as simple as a fill in the blank puzzle with clues located at different booths. We have seen hosts create this type of game and ask the participating booths to sign up but this is something you can do yourself. You don’t have to be limited to the hosts of the fair! If you know a few people participating in the fair, collaborate with them to generate prizes and you will end up significantly increasing your traffic at minimal cost! There are two major points to consider when choosing who to work with in such mini-games,

  1. Are the leads you are going to be generating from your partners similar to your target audience?
  2. Is there a risk with the chosen partner? (i.e. are they competitors?)


Food is a sure-fire way to attract people. Using food to drive traffic towards you is seen less often in the US but it is an extremely popular technique in other regions! We’re not saying dish out a full buffet at your booth, but if you’re a catering company, bring in a few samples. Your company does not even have to relate to food to use this technique, for example if you are a company that’s originally from Switzerland, have a plate with some swiss chocolate bites. This will not cost much and is a tested method of driving traffic towards you.

Floor Decal

Kendall Press Floor Graphics

This method might not work all the time since you are limited by the venue and their restrictions, however it’s always worth it to ask if you can use floor decals around the venue. This method is extremely low maintenance as all you have to do is set it up and let it work for you!

Before the Trade Show

This is an aspect that is often overlooked. There is more that you can do to prepare for your next showing than just having the proper equipment. Reach out to your customers and let them know that you’re going to be having a booth. It’s important to use all your channels together. Beyond just preparing your booth and making sure nothing is overlooked, create trade show specific offers. Make sure to use your channels to reach out to your customers to let them know about the offers and discounts that they can receive if they come to your booth. In addition, make sure that the design of your booth has space to promote any trade show specific offers!


This article is part of a series designed to help companies prepare for trade shows called All About Trade Shows. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave one below. In addition, Kendall Press offers many services beyond just print material to help you prepare for trade shows and similar events. If you would like to learn more about how we can work together to ensure the best presence for your company, please contact us by clicking on the button below!


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4 Tips to Rock your Next Trade Show

Trade show graphics

Help the Kendall Press Superhero circle the globe! Share, like, tweet, post!

If you’ve ever worked a boring booth at a Trade Show, you’ve most likely been the victim of the “avoiders.” Those passers-by who liken you to Medusa and refuse to look your way for fear of being turned to stone. You notice them by the way they engage actively with booth 1145, take a quick glance at your booth with that lonely poster and brochure, and then, hurriedly walk past you with their eyes carefully averted. After enough of these avoiders, you may start to wish you had some of those smiley-faced, squishy stress-balls to throw at them.

This year, with some careful planning and a little creativity, you may be able to grab people’s attention and keep them engaged without resorting to assault and battery. Obviously, the lengths that you go to create interest at your booth may be limited by your budget, so it’s important to think about what this trade show means to your business and how engaging 10, 50, or even 1000 target individuals may bring more work your way in the coming months. Once you’ve got your budget ironed out, you can start getting those creative juices flowing.

Get Out Your Lasso

You know from experience that the hardest part of working a trade show booth is getting people to look at you, right? What if your booth looked like they just stepped into the hottest casino in Vegas? Or, they’re stepping into a game show hosted by loud and enthusiastic individuals? Being active and/or unconventional is key to attracting attention. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and here are some favorites to get your mind flowing:

• Superhero or celebrity photo ops. Invent a superhero to represent your company and have him or her available for photo opportunities with booth guests. It may seem a bit corny, but it works. The same is true for celebrity look-alikes. Be sure to get their card so you can send them the pic after the show.

• Wheel of Fortune. Nothing screams “come here now” than the chance to win fabulous and exciting merchandise (or your services).

• Create a treasure map leading to your booth. This may require some cooperation on the part of the venue, but placing arrows or words on the floor that lead people to your booth can create intrigue and bring people in.

Whatever you decide, make it fun and interactive. Think Disneyland for adults.

Build Excitement in Advance of the Trade Show

Regardless of what genius idea has emerged from your mind, it’s important to create a sense of anticipation among your clients and prospects. Sending out formal printed invites or periodic emails revealing a little something more about what’s in store for them when they visit will get them chomping at the bit to visit your booth.

Have Quality Informational Products to Hand Out

You get very few chances to make an impression once you get people into your booth. Once they’re there, make your efforts count by providing them with unique, high-quality informational products that will not just stay in the bag in the closet when they get home. For tips and examples about creating brochures, booklets and catalogs, be sure to check out our guide!

Follow-up After the Trade Show with Everyone

Hopefully, your venue will provide a mailing list of all of the participants so you can send out follow-up correspondence to those you saw and those you missed. If no list is provided, be absolutely sure you get business cards from the people you talk to and connect with them ASAP! The more opportunities you have to make an impression, the better. For help with business cards, check out this guide!

If you need help with your informational handouts or creating a Superhero of your very own, give Kendall Press a call!  We would love to help!  If you just want to stop by for a photo op with the Kendall Press Superhero, we would love to see you – come on by!

4 Easy Steps to Increase Your Productivity

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

“The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity.” – Timothy Ferriss

What better time to think about time management and increasing your productivity than on the eve of Day Light Savings Time.  Just thinking about losing an hour this weekend already has me scrambling to think of how I am going to accomplish everything I want to do.  At the end of each day, do you take stock of what you’ve done and feel as though you were constantly busy, but you can’t for the life of you figure out how your time was spent? As days turn into week and weeks into months…we often feel exhausted, but with no real accomplishments to show for our efforts.

The problem is, most people see time as an infinite resource. They approach life like they’re driving down the street and miss a Starbucks, but happy in their knowledge that there’s another one a mile down the road. Likewise, we alway think “tomorrow is another day” and promise ourselves we’ll keep track of our time and use it wisely then. This mindset is the best way to never accomplish what you want ikn life.

When we think of money, though, our mindset is a bit different. Our society encourages us to work hard when you’re young and invest your money so that when you retire and no longer make money, you’ll have that nest egg to spend. If you invest in your time, though, really spectacular things can happen.

Understand your productivity cycles.

Ernest Hemingway wrote in the morning because that was his most creative time of the day. Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, on the other hand, reportedly didn’t get out of bed before 11:00 am, preferring to work late into the night. Having a solid understanding and respect for when you are at your most productive will enable you to reserve your most important work for when you’re at your mental best.

Make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish.

Making a list of the things you need to accomplish can help us overcome what’s called the Zeigarnik Effect. No, it’s not a mosquito-borne virus. You’ve experienced the Zeigarnik Effect on those nights you can’t sleep because you’re endlessly trying to remember everything you need to do and keep it organized in your mind. This happens during the day as well, when you’re trying to concentrate on the task at hand, but your mind is still whirring in the background keeping your list organized. Give your brain a break and write it all down. Take a few minutes to prioritize those items for better efficiency.

Do the most important things first each day.

By doing the most important things first, you can always be assured that something important is done each day. Night owls, fret not, you can still save the most brain-intensive or creativity-intensive items for those 2:00 am writing sessions, just make sure that if something absolutely needs to be done in the morning, it gets done.

Don’t discount small blocks of time.

As a society, we’ve taken to killing time on our phones during those periods of time when standing in line, or commuting on a bus or train. Time is too valuable to kill! Instead of checking Facebook while waiting for your coffee, identify things on your list that take up small amounts of time and get those done while you’re waiting instead.

Finally, schedule in some down time for yourself. Nothing kills productivity more than a burned-out mind. Take a look at how you’re spending your time and see how you can better spend it using these easy tips.  Kendall Press would love to help with your To-Do list so that you can have some down time.  Give us a call for your next project.

Kendall Press prints for many local communities, including Belmont, MA.

Belmont Library promotes their music series.
Friends of Belmont Public Library promote their music series.

Kendall Press has been serving local businesses since 1986, including Belmont, MA.  We recently completed a job for the Friends of the Belmont Public Library for their upcoming Celo Corvus music series. We have been working with the wonderful people there for many years, and I must say, it is refreshing to see a library this active. The library has also embraced the digital age by offering wireless internet and access to computers to browse the internet free of charge. It even has Kindles available for checkout demonstrating that print and digital can go hand in hand!

When you think of a library, most of us picture the image of the librarian who is reminding everyone to be quiet.  At this library, the Friends of the Belmont Public Library sponsors many different activities including the author series where local authors discuss their work. They also sponsor a music series where one Saturday afternoon in each month from January to April, talented musicians present an hour of music. Also on their agenda is the One Book One Belmont program where they choose one book and the library and eleven co-sponsoring community groups invite town residents to read the book and participate in book discussions. As you can see, they stay very active.

How do they get the word out about their events and make sure they are successful? One way is by having Kendall Press print wide format posters, both laminated and un-laminated depending on where they are being placed.  We also print color and black and white flyers that they post and pass out in the community to help spread the word. We find it exciting helping them to promote all of their events and to see who the next author or musician will be!

Belmont Public Library also coordinates year-round events and programs for adults, teens, and children. Visit their website to see all the fun activities that they have planned – Upcoming Library Events.  Kendall Press services the local communities of Cambridge, Boston, Allston, Arlington, Belmont, Brighton, Brookline, Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Needham, Newton, Roxbury, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown and Woburn. We also work with many international companies and ship globally!  If you need help promoting your next event, visit our website where you can request a quote or give us a call.  We would love to help!

Window Clings (aka Static Clings)

Window Clints

Decorate with Window Clings

Kendall Press has been receiving numerous requests recently to print window clings so I thought that would be a good subject to write about. I would like to use this blog to go over a few important details about window clings and how you can use them to promote your business.

What is a Window Cling?

A window cling is clear or white flexible vinyl that can adhere to glass-like surfaces of windows or mirrors. Like their name suggests, they have no adhesive so they adhere to the surface with static, leaving no adhesive residue behind when removed. They are sometimes referred to as static clings.  They can be positioned on the front or the backside of a window, but if you plan on using it externally, then the static type would not be right for this use. They are meant for short term use as they tend to hold their charge for around 6 months. The benefit of using this type of window cling is that they are easily removed and can be repositioned often.

If you are looking to have the window cling up for a longer period of time, then you would request a window cling with a low tack adhesive.  This adhesive can be added to either side, allowing for the vinyl to adhere to either the front or back side of the window.  The low tack window cling material can also be removed and repositioned, but it needs to be done with caution. These window clings are available both in the clear and white vinyl materials as well. Although the low-tack window clings have an adhesive on it, they will not leave a residue when removed.

Both types of window clings are durable and offer a great way to promote your branding.

Shapes and Colors of Window Clings

Window clings are printed in full color so they can easily catch the eye of someone passing by. If you should choose clear vinyl for the cling, then we would first put down a layer of white ink below the image so that the image becomes opaque and no show through appears. Window clings are available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut into squares, circles, ovals or any custom shape that you have, making them unique to your product or business.

Promoting your Business with Window Clings

Window clings are an inexpensive way to get the word out about a special product release or promotion that you are running. The food and beverage industries also use them to pass out to their customers to help promote their products in the retail stores where they are sold. Larger window clings can be used for temporary signage or help to make the office festive around the Holidays. Have you used window clings in the past? Let us know what creative uses you have found for them.

Spread Some Kindness (or chocolates) in the Workplace!

Kindness in the Workplace

Love what you print at Kendall Press!

Hello February – it’s that time of year when, everywhere you look, there are red hearts popping up, reminding you that love is in the air. You show your family and loved ones that you care, why not let Valentine’s Day be a time when you take the time to show your co-workers that you respect them? You spend 40 hours a week at the office, often times in close quarters or meeting rooms, take the time to spread some kindness in the workplace and let your coworkers know that you appreciate them.

Show appreciation with kindness

Be kind to each other. You don’t need to spend money to make someone’s day. In today’s busy world, we often times are so wrapped up on our own tasks that we forget to stop and see what is around us. Try welcoming the new member to the team. Get to know them over a cup of coffee. Greet your fellow coworkers with a smile and offer encouragement when they need it. One of the things most of us were taught when we were growing up was to say thank you.  Remember to say thank you for a job well done. Showing kindness doesn’t take much time, it is free and it will help you all to work together more effectively.

Recognize your coworkers strengths

Recognize your coworkers for their strengths and don’t criticize them for their weaknesses. You are all on the same team and are working toward the same goals. Compliment the things that your coworkers do well. Help to brainstorm problems and come up with solutions for the problems that may arise. If you get along and work as a team, everything will go a little smoother.

Respect your coworker’s personal space

Something as simple as respecting your coworker’s space goes a long way to creating harmony in the workplace. With desks within arm’s reach of each other, it is important to realize that what you are doing may be disturbing to your coworkers. Don’t forget to keep kitchens and other common areas neat and clean. Your coworkers will appreciate not having to use a microwave that you left half your lunch in!

Kendall Press is practicing kindness this Valentine season by passing out treats to show our customers how much we appreciate them! If you haven’t received your chocolates and you need a pick me up, stop by Kendall Press, we have one waiting for you!

4 Ways to Beat the Workplace Blahs

Don't let the Workplace Blahs Get you down!

Don’t let the winter weather cause Workplace Blahs!

The excitement of the Holidays is long over and the weather is looking more gloomy than usual, it is no wonder that a feeling of negativity can creep into the workplace in January and February. The commutes in the icy weather can take longer and just the fact that you have to put so many layers on to keep warm can dampen the spirits. The work pace has not picked up yet, and employees are dreaming about their vacations that seem so far away.  If we can trust Punxsutawney Phil who predicted an early Spring this year, the weather should be changing shortly.  If winter decides to hang around, relax, there are things that you can do so that the negativity does not impact your productivity and drag you down.

Positive Feedback can help beat the Workplace Blahs

Lead by example. Everyone loves a compliment. Compliment your coworkers when you see they do something well. You might be surprised how well this is received and find that they may also start giving compliments as well. By encouraging the positive, it increases self-esteem. By promoting compassion and gratitude with a few kind words, it will go a long way to improve not only your morale, but the morale of the office.

Motivate by Example

Try and look at the positive in each job. Take on that new task; you will be surprised how fast the day will go by. Look at challenges as opportunities to grow and be sure to treat yourself when you finish an important task. Get that special cup of coffee you have been thinking about, you deserve it!

Change up the scenery

Why not surround yourself with the things that make you happy. You are going to spend 8 hours of your day at the office; you might as well make your surroundings comfortable. Bring in that photo that you love, the coffee mug that makes you smile, a plant to add life to your desk. Having things that you enjoy around you will increase your creativity and bring you a feeling of comfort.

Take a break and get up and move

Just getting away from a project for a few minutes will often times help to alleviate the stress you are feeling by a looming deadline.  Spend a few minutes talking with a positive coworker or just get outside and go for a short walk.  Then go back and tackle that task!

Remember, you can’t change others, but you can change yourself. Making little changes to your day can help the days pass by quickly. Before you know it, Spring will be here, the flowers and trees will be blooming and the sun will shine again and the workplace blahs will disappear again until next winter! If you need to hear a friendly voice, give Kendall Press a call. You will brighten our day and we will do our best to brighten yours!