Visual Journalism in the age of Digital News

ATTENTION:  small to midsize business owners. Make sure one of your next hires is capable of writing succinctly, clearly and passionately. They should also have good photo taking skills and be adept at Photoshop.
MARCOM (marketing communications, advertising) is dead.
Gaming the SEO process is rapidly being pushed out of existence by companies like Google. Advertising? Forget about it. With real time web and instantaneous access to the internet, business communications have taken on a whole new dimension.
Millennium CEO Deborah Dunsire at Xconomy Life Sciences event
Millennium CEO, Deborah Dunsire at Xconomy’s  BIO2032 event

Business Communications is now a double edged sword for all companies. The real truth is that the best way to be found is to be as honest as old Abe Lincoln and be very visible about the work you do and the benefits you offer other businesses.

Business to Business marketing today is all about being found by the right people, at the right time, in exactly the way they need you. This new world of Business Communications leaves little room for sales people.  Sorry, but according to LinkedIn, the fastest shrinking job category is salesperson.

Consider this fact:
Facebook bought Instagram for $1B dollars
Remember that old adage, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?
You are more likely to remember the photo containing a line drawing of Abe Lincoln than anything else from this article.  Studies have shown that most people remember some 50% of what they have seen and rarely more than 10% of what they have heard.
Earlier this month, Xconomy, the leading source for news about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, held an event called XconomyXchange: Boston Life Sciences 2032.
Boston is expected to be THE BEST PLACE to be positioned for the revolution in Healthcare for the next twenty years. If you weren’t there, and you’re in Bio Tech or healthcare, consider how you will keep up with your industry news. Well, we’ll at least put in print, three significant takeaways we found from the evening:
1.    “The most fatal disease we treat in medicine today is human motivation.” -Dennis Ausiello @massgeneralnews #LS2032
Dennis Ausiello, CMO, MGH, lifesciences
Dennis Ausiello, Chief Medical Officer at MGH

2.    Only 30% of all patients actually take the life saving meds they’ve been prescribed


3.    University labs are worried
about impending
major cutbacks in federal research grants
What does this have to do with your business,
business communications in general
and visual journalism? ……….Everything.
Go back and re-read takeaways #1 and #2. Does your core business base suffer from lethargy or under-utilization  How do you motivate your clients to take action? to take action that is good for them, when patients don’t often take prescribed meds in live saving ways.Now think about marketing in this age of real-time Digital News and information.  Visual imagery is important. Capturing and transmitting information to your best customers and prospects in the form in which they are most likely to absorb it, is even more important.

picture perfect print of speakers stage
This stage is set so as to be always visually engaging

Since visuals transmit better and faster than the digital or printed word, you need to consider how you set the stage prior to a meeting.

Literally, you need to make it visually pleasing.

You need to use photos and images to help convey the full story.
Your audience reaction and what happens afterward will go a long way in letting you know if you are on target with your audience.

real time, business communications at Xconomy event

This is Business Communications.

Xconomy brings together great thought and business leaders and provides a forum for information exchange and discussion. They also provide an environment in which attendees can get up close and personal after the presentation and ask THEIR pertinent questions.
Kendall PRess provides print and Business Communication Services (i.e. paperNpixels TM) to Xconomy and is compensated for its work. KeithSpiroPhoto provided visual imagery for this Xconomy event, courtesy of Kendall Press, because we believe very strongly in real time web, Business Communications, and the work that Xconomy does. In this age of Global everything, nothing makes a stronger statement than taking action locally for people and organizations that matter. Xconomy matters.
Entrepreneur in Residence Kendall PRess
and The Xconomy Visual Correspondent
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  1. It seems that businesses (along with the other sectors that rely heavily on open communication) are finally coming to grips with the fact that communication has evolved into being visible on the “global village” of the internet (McLuhan strikes again). There’s still a lot of work to be done for these guys to be able to catch up with what’s going on in the scene.

  2. always appreciated McLuhan’s forward thinking long before sesame street – and the global village is so much more a reality today then when the expression was coined.

    Lot’s of catch up work – in policy and practice for so many businesses that haven’t figured out how transparent and rapid online communication needs to be.

  3. I’d have to agree that just about all media has some sort of visual aspect to it these days. You have to have a well-designed and visually appealing article, website, print ad or whatever else if you want to capture people’s attention. It’s interesting to see how much it’s changed the journalism industry. Cool article!

    • Gerald, Thanks for your feedback. It is always nice to hear that our blog is interesting to others. We invite you to view our other posts and share any feedback you may have.

      Cheers, KP

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