Newsjacking: Dead Trees organizing to Fight Back

Yesterday, David Meerman Scott released Newsjacking, his newest guide to great tactical business marketing actions. Within hours, his blogpost received numerous comments and notes of thanks from the many readers who downloaded copies immediately of his “short and punchy” EBOOK from his long time publisher Wiley.

However, we’ve noted one glaring, politically incorrect message in his blogpost.

This is so wrong for three key reasons, not the least of which is #DeadTreesFightBack:

1. As a former commercial print shop transitioning to a Real Time Business Communications Company, we at Kendall-PRess would not want to see printing on live trees. Graffitti hurts living trees at worst and can been unsightly at best – with limited distribution capabilities in either case.
2. the old adage which he may be referring to “be kind to the environment, save a tree and don’t print this out” is out of date…
REALLY want to save a forest or a tree?
REQUEST PAPER; send the signal that trees are a good investment
paper recycled= more paper and more trees
electronics recycled = toxic landfill
3. dead trees serve more than one purpose. They:
>put nutrients back into the soil
>slow erosion
>make good barriers and on the opposing side, good battering rams
>are sturdy things – had OCCUPY WALLSTREETERS lashed themselves to trees rather than linking arms via Twitter, their evictors would have had a much harder time removing them from Zuccotti Park
>They were good enough for the truly American Revolutionary Thomas Paine. Please, folks, use Common Sense.

Before DM Scott insinuated something about “no dead trees,” Seth Godin, similarly pounced on the dead tree question by declaring Linchpin to be his last printed book. And now, less than two years later we see “We are all Weird” available in print edition.

God save the Queen
People save the trees
and we at Kendall PRess seek the higher ground of utilizing both #paperNpixels to accomplish communications tasks. After all, even Seth Godin said “Day old News is Fresh enough

We are raving fans of David Meerman Scott
We have spent a dollar on a nine month old newspaper
And we have had that story published in Seth Godin’s SquidooMags for Thanksgiving Yes, the pixel part of our paperNpixels crusade.
Now if I can only get my wife to loan me her kindle.
We are not opposed to helping #DeadTreesFightBack


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  1. Love this post. THANKS.

    There are a heck of a lot of dead trees near my house in MA because of the October snowstorm. As they were dying they knocked out the power and it was off for 5 days because so many of their tree friends also kicked the bucket at the same time.

    Perhaps it was a poor choice of words. Print is very important to me. I’ve sold something like a half million printed books. This one is e-only but I will continue to do print books into the future. #DeadTreesFightBack

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