Guest Voice: Brianna, our Kendall Press Student Intern

We’re excited to have Brianna here from CCSC for the spring semester. She will be sharing her observations as she learns about the business of printing and Business Communications (ks)…..

“Kendall Press is my first internship. Going in, I knew nothing about the company, nor what kind of work that was being produced. Walking in on the first day, I had some nerves but they immediatley vanished when I walked in the door. I was welcomed by my mentor, Keith, and a sign that said my name, spring intern 2010-2011. That was very kind of him to do that, and I could tell he is like that with all his customers, friendly and welcoming. After our first offical conversation about what I would be doing there, I went on a tour of the company. When I first entered, I thought the place looked very small but it’s not. Many things happen behind the few walls that you see when you walk in. Suprisingly, there are even more walls than you think. Talk about conserving space, huh? I was introduced to the team with their many different versions of English, something that I may talk more about in an upcoming blog post.”


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