Loyalty – Evangelism – the 68 characters of truth

I read the following 68 character TWEET today:

“Loyalty – Evangelism. The be all end all Social Media success metric”

by our friend Dave Neumann, a home town guy done good and now a social media guru down in NY. He is also looking for more Linked IN connections in the internet marketing social media space.

These 68 Characters do sum up very neatly the best of what one can accomplish using Social Media to reach your customers, prospects and therefore, future customers.
Simple at face value but you need to work for understanding so many actions and complexities to finally create a following that is both loyal to you and evangelical about your value-add as a business.

So many people still don’t get it but the basics are what matter most. Do Great work; anticipate customer needs -better yet – put yourself in your customer’s shoes; ask as many questions as you need to in order to deliver the best possible results; add value everywhere; don’t ever overpromise or underdeliver; be reliable; valuable; accessible. Say thank you….and really mean it because if you don’t really mean it, someone else will do a better job just because they care more. Don’t let that happen or you’ll need to find something else to do. There are too many competitors in every field so you better love and live what you do to be the best. Always.

Seems straightforward if not exactly simple. But all the blogs, tweets, facebook fan pages and google rankings in the world won’t help you if others don’t believe in you.

Sixty Eight characters of truth – but still only a metric. You have to deliver in the real world and in real time for it to matter. The future of communication lives here. Each and every time. The future of printing? It lives here as well.


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  1. well said! When it comes down to it, it’s the personal connections we make and the outstanding service we provide that keeps people loyal. With all the social media out there today, it’s easy to get caught up in everything else and forget what’s most important!

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