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WHOLESALE LAYOFF OF SCRIBES. Gutenberg and industrial revolution leads to massive layoffs among scribes. New employment lows. Well, that was AD 1450.

Just recently, we’ve seen Rupert Murdoch’s papers state that they will charge for all sites while Sergey Brin (Google) gives out ANALYTICS for free, because with facts in hand, marketing people spend more.

Showdown at the OK corral? You betcha! So, What’s your Google Strategy?

The real change out there that media buyers, marketing and sales organizations need to be aware of is the change from

AN IMPRESSIONS MODEL (think Arbitron and Nielsen)
A PAY FOR PERFORMANCE MODEL (think Google adwords)

We’re in the print industry. We believe print on paper will continue to decrease. We also believe that we and our clients can grow with the right strategies in place.
Business Communicaton Materials Are they digital, or print or a combination of the two?

Can’t find a good scribe anywhere these days, but we sure could use some graphic artists with fast keystroking skills. Darwin rules.


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