What’s in for 2010? a Marketing Moment from Kendall Press

Out after ’09, In with ’10 – Mass High Tech Business News
Mass High Tech staff contributors had a list of IN’s and OUT’s for the beginning of the new decade. Two particularly interesting ones were:

Out: Stealth — Another word for “I’m keeping my toys to myself”
In: Crowdsourcing — No one is smart enough to figure it all out themselves.
Out: Offices — Cafes, bars and shared-space incubators are collaborative and cheap
In: Office hours — Jury is still out on whether opening your doors at scheduled times is better than simply having an open-door policy

I’ll add two more “IN’s” to that list from the commercial printer’s perspective:
Higher Quality Printing
Strategically Coordinated print and on-line communications

Will social media reduce dependence on print? Probably. Is there still a place for printing? Absolutely. For every “old fashioned” email dumped in the in-box, there will need to be a very well thought out print document to catch that second chance ‘touch’ whether it’s for a job interview, follow-up opportunity or even ‘just” an all important Thank You, not ‘thanks’ but Thank you.

For every new facebook and twitter link and blog post, there will be the opportunity to develop that next relationship with a more personalized approach and sometimes sitting back and waiting for that ‘inbound’ self identifying customer/client/job may just not get it done. So, what to do? I’ll second the thought of crowdsourcing – no one person knows it all but it’s nice to have experts on call; Also, STRATEGIC has a good sound to it – planned, cost effective, targeted.

Kendall Press will be introducing additional voices into our blog this year for more marketing moments. Let us know how we can help. Contact us with questions you’d like to see addressed.

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