Advertising without Posters is like fishing without worms

That’s a quote from the Hatch Brothers. They started Hatch Show Print back in 1879, the same year that Edison invented the Light Bulb. Light bulbs and uses for electricity have changed since then, but Hatch Show Print, one of America’s oldest Letter Press Print Shops, is still using the same wooden typefaces that they started with.

If you don’t know what letterpress is, take a look at the video to fully appreciate where your iPhone and Androids have come from. Right Now, iPad, iPhone and iPod all suffer from the same disadvantage compared to LETTERPRESS POSTERS…..

When the music stops playing, “the poster is all you have left to celebrate the ART of Music.” That’s a quote from Jim Sherraden, the manager and curator of the shop. And when you download an iTune, or dust off an old CD, the image is kinda small to appreciate as art.

How’s their business? Booming! The printer is the designer and the designer is the printer. And Jim’s comments match our feelings about the value of print. Sure, there will be less of it. Fast, Electronic communications are a wonderful thing but ya can’t hang it on your wall and have it lookin’ pretty.

Your printer and your designer needs to have the business acumen to know when to use digital and when only paper will do. I loved this video and the posters that they are still (hand) crankin’ out. Take a look and see if you’re smiling at the end of it.


bringing you another in our series of commentary on the technology skirmishes in the world of digital ink.

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