Boston Networking Events – 09/29/14 through 10/03/14

October Networking Events - Pumpkin Photo ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Contrary to popular belief, you will not turn into a pumpkin if you network past midnight. That’s why in this edition of our networking event roundup, we’re bringing you to events all day, all week. Check out the latest in healthcare, the greatest in design and enough innovation to power an entire city. All that and more is in store for The Week Ahead!

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Inbound 2014 – Lessons in Community Building

Inbound 2014 - Photo of the main stage ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Inbound 2014 took place last week in Boston and the atmosphere was electrically infectious. The conference was organized by HubSpot and offered riveting speakers, exceptional learning opportunities, and an overdose of enthusiastic networking. It also drew thousands of innovative marketing and sales professionals from around the world to explore and discuss the impact that cutting edge marketing methods have on business.

One aspect of Inbound 2014 that really stood out to me was the sense of comradeship that existed within this massive, sometimes disparate gathering. Everyone I met and spoke with was eager to share their experiences, and they all possessed a great passion for helping build business success.

This high level of connectedness is indicative of the strong sense of community that HubSpot has managed to develop with its customers and fans. As a company, they have made an art form out of moving relationships beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the extraordinary.

Inbound 2014 - Martha Stewart Photo ©KeithSpiroPhotoThere is a valuable lesson to be learned by business owners, as fostering a sense of community is a key component to building a successful business today. Over time, the best customer relationships can be developed and nurtured to the point of having a positive impact on your growth. This only occurs when a customer feels invested in and respected. In this way, building a community for business is actually a lot like building a community of friends: You need to respect individuals and solicit their input as well as their support.

It takes time to build such powerful relationships. While that may be a daunting prospect, especially for many small business owners, it’s important to remember that anything you do today can have a major impact down the road. With that in mind, here are five ways to start building your community of business champions immediately:

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