Boston Networking Events – 10/20/14 through 10/24/14

Boston Networking Events October - Charles River Canoe and Kayak photo ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Take a look around…you might be surprised by the opportunities you find in the heart of Boston! This week we’re helping you accelerate your sales, build stronger teams, and plan for the future of business and Boston. There’s a lot to like about The Week Ahead!

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Rack Cards

Rack Cards - Design example ©KeithSpiroPhoto

What are rack cards?

Traditional rack cards are easily recognized as the vertical advertising cards found at most visitor’s centers, hotels, and rest stops. They are often single, glossy, full color marketing pieces that share a small amount of information about a business in an eye-catching way.

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Boston Networking Events – 10/13/14 through 10/17/14


Welcome back to another edition of our weekly event roundup for the Greater Boston area. This week, we're exploring a world of connections between science, technology and finance. All that and more is in store for The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

EPK – Electronic Press Kits


In our last post, we explored the value of a press kit and its key components. Today, we’re going to expand on that discussion by focusing on how to make an EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, as a digital way to jumpstart your marketing programs and … [Continue reading]

What is a Press Kit and Why do you need one?

Press Kit created here

What is a press kit and why do you need one? Press kits, also referred to as media kits are useful for businesses of all sizes. What once started out as a response to the media's request for a "press kit," a packet of information about a company … [Continue reading]

Boston Networking Events – 09/29/14 through 10/03/14


Contrary to popular belief, you will not turn into a pumpkin if you network past midnight. That's why in this edition of our networking event roundup, we're bringing you to events all day, all week. Check out the latest in healthcare, the greatest in … [Continue reading]

Inbound 2014 – Lessons in Community Building


Inbound 2014 took place last week in Boston and the atmosphere was electrically infectious. The conference was organized by HubSpot and offered riveting speakers, exceptional learning opportunities, and an overdose of enthusiastic networking. It also … [Continue reading]

Boston Networking Events – 09/22/14 through 09/26/14


Boston's business community is well-known for having an incredible networking scene! This week, we're helping you come up with new ideas, learning to make strong connections on a personal level and celebrating great causes. You don't want to miss The … [Continue reading]

Boston Networking Events – 09/15/14 through 09/19/14

Boston_Networking_Events_September_Cambridge_Davenport Building_KeithSpiroPhoto

Fall is the best season for networking events in Greater Boston! This week, we're exploring everything from economics to upcycling and exit strategies to public spaces. There's a lot to like about The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

Market Basket – The Case for Leadership and Social Media


Today, people around the world have a wide range of media resources at their disposal. They can use these social resources to communicate across vast distances, to keep up to date with current events, and even to voice their displeasure if they are … [Continue reading]