Networking Events – 07/21/14 through 07/25/14

Boston Networking Events - Hubway bikes, Kendall Square ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Put your networking pedal to the metal with our weekly roundup of networking events! This week, we’re making the most of our marketing, seeing success in science and drawing deeper understanding from data and design. You don’t want to miss The Week Ahead!

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Networking Events – 07/14/14 through 07/18/14

Boston Networking Events - Kendall Square Farmers' Market ©KeithSpiroPhoto

This week, we’re reveling in warm weather and hot events as we round up the best business, networking and community events in the Greater Boston area. Join us as we meet the mayor, meet exciting new tech companies and meet scientists conducting research in every discipline. There’s something for everyone in The Week Ahead!

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Photography – Strategies for Business


I recently attended a workshop at the Microsoft NERD Center. This, by itself, is not notable. In fact, it might be an understatement to say that Kendall Press spends a fair amount of time over at the NERD, Microsoft's New England Research and … [Continue reading]

Networking Events – 07/07/14 through 07/11/14


This week, we're introducing you to new products, teaching you to boost your brand, and exploring the ins and outs of scientific discovery. All that and more is in store for The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

Networking Events – 06/30/14 through 07/04/14


This week, we're celebrating champions of community, building businesses with new tools, and improving our ability to measure the impact of education. All that and more is in store as we head into Independence Day for The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

Event Sponsorship


At Kendall Press, we work with a lot of companies hosting events, and event sponsorship is a topic that frequently comes up in our conversations. Whether the host is a Meetup group that has secured funds for food and drink at an evening session, or a … [Continue reading]

Networking Events – 06/23/14 through 06/27/14


This week, we're cleaning up with clean tech, celebrating breakthrough technologies, launching new support systems and creating instant impact for nonprofits. There's a lot to like about The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

Why Inbound Marketing – Part 2


In the first part of our introduction to inbound marketing, we defined the inbound marketing methodology and highlighted some of the differences between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Today, we're going to expand on that by highlighting … [Continue reading]

Networking Events – 06/16/14 through 06/20/14


This week, we're building stronger community connections, exploring the world of international growth and giving you a head start on the next big thing. All that and more is in store for The Week Ahead! … [Continue reading]

What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound Marketing is a hot topic that continues to gain steam in the business community. It is especially being embraced today by marketers and small business owners as either a supplement or replacement to traditional marketing methods that are … [Continue reading]