Tips to Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

NewslettersNo matter how great your newsletter is, it won’t do any good if it doesn’t reach your audience. Here are a few tips to increase the number of your newsletter subscribers:
• Get creative with your call to action words. For example, instead of using the word “subscribe,” try something more user friendly like: join us, sign up now, get email updates, download now, etc.

• Include a list of reasons to sign up or other key benefits of receiving your newsletter.

• Offer a sample newsletter to set expectations of what your subscribers will receive.

• Provide social proof, such as telling potentials subscribers how many other people have also subscribed. If your numbers are small, consider using a quote from an influential subscriber that could help convince others to sign up as well.

• Consider a relevant contest, such as a giving away a sample of your product or service. Let them know they’ll also be subscribed to your newsletter as part of the entry process.

• Provide multiple subscription options so they are convenient to find, such as on the right hand side of all webpages, footer of website, about us section, end of blogs, email signatures, etc.

• Offer a valuable incentive to sign up, such as an exclusive coupon, free white paper, elite invitation, calendar, tips and tricks, etc.

• Make the subscription form as simple as possible. Reducing the sign up fields to the essentials (such as email and name) can greatly increase your subscriptions.

• Consider including a “subscribe to newsletter” box in your comment box area since your visitor is already entering their email address.

• Encourage subscribers at key moments, such as immediately after a purchase.

• Ask your current subscribers for help sharing your newsletter with someone they think could benefit from your newsletter. Consider offering a referral prize or reward.

We love newsletters and have tons of great ideas if you’d like help creating the perfect newsletter your audience will look forward to receiving! Give us a call today.

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Tabbed Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders with Tabs

Pocket Folders with Tabs

Custom printed pocket folders are a great way to help recipients organize materials and prevent them from getting lost in the shuffle. In addition to organization, pocket folders also offer flexibility to customize informational packets and update inserts that change frequently.

By adding a convenient filing tab to your pocket folder design, you give your folder a file-worthy appearance with a prominent label that can increase the chances that your information will land in a filing cabinet, rather than a trash can. Recipients are more likely to keep your information at their fingertips since customized tabs make it easy to identify contents.

Tabbed pocket folders are perfect for organizing press kits, tradeshow packets, welcome packets, sales kits, warranty information, etc.

Kendall Press would love to help if your team is looking for a professional way to impress prospects and make a great first impression. Ask us about tabbed pocket folders today!

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